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Geographically, the Korean Peninsula’s plentiful islands and bays are favorable for the creation of ports. Ferry routes between the mainland and various islands allow tourists to readily travel to the marine splendors of Korea while enjoying breathtaking views. At Incheon, Mokpo, Jeju, Busan, and Donghae are international passenger terminals operating domestic and international ferries. Domestic ferry lines are in service at Boryeong, Gunsan, Yeosu, Wando, Geoje, and Tongyeong. As ferry routes and schedules are subject to change due to weather, tides and boat conditions, check with the ferry company prior to scheduling any trip.  

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incheon Boryeong Gunsan Yeosu Mokpo wando Jeju Geoje Tongyeong Busan Ulleungdo Hongdo Jejudo Donghae

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