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[Job Opening] Admin & Event Executive
  • Date07/13/2022
  • Hit5015
Date07/13/2022 Hit5015
Saranghae Korea
  • Date05/11/2022
  • Hit13852
Date05/11/2022 Hit13852
[Job Opening] Korea Plaza Guest Service Officer
  • Date02/22/2022
  • Hit15847
Date02/22/2022 Hit15847
[Travel Agents] Request for Proposals (RFPs) to Promote Korea ...
  • Date11/30/2021
  • Hit17211
Date11/30/2021 Hit17211
[Job Opening] KTO Singapore K-Startup Support Manager
  • Date11/16/2021
  • Hit12282
Date11/16/2021 Hit12282
[Job Opening] KTO Singapore Marketing Assistant
  • Date10/18/2021
  • Hit13238
Date10/18/2021 Hit13238
[NOTICE] - Resume Operation of Korea Plaza - September 2021
  • Date08/25/2021
  • Hit10961
Date08/25/2021 Hit10961
[Event] K-pop Dance Cover Competition 2021
  • Date07/01/2021
  • Hit13136
Date07/01/2021 Hit13136
[Job Opening] KTO Singapore Office MICE Manager
  • Date06/22/2021
  • Hit13167
Date06/22/2021 Hit13167
[Notice] Extended Closure of Korea Plaza & Office Due To COVID...
  • Date06/11/2021
  • Hit11979
Date06/11/2021 Hit11979
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