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      • [Editor’s Insight] Find Everything at Daiso Korea!

        • 04/03/2024


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  • Daiso Myeongdong Station Branch

    Any traveler who has walked around Korea’s downtown is likely to have seen a red and white signboard with letters that read “daiso” at least once during their trip. Daiso is a dollar-shop equivalent retail franchise owned by a Japanese company with branch stores across the globe – except Daiso Korea. Since 2014, Daiso Korea has been designing, producing, and selling their own original products. In 2023, they completely separated from the Japanese franchise and became fully Korean-owned.

    Daiso Korea has long been a cost-efficient go-to store Koreans turn to when looking for simple everyday items and supplies, but lately, news about how Daiso Korea is garnering the attention of foreign travelers has created quite a buzz. Find out why Daiso is gaining more attention than ever with this edition of Editor’s Insight!

    1. Daiso has it All

    • Featured products corner in Daiso
    • Fashion corner in Daiso

    Daiso Korea has approximately 1,500 stores across the country, selling a variety of products ranging from home décor, bathroom and kitchen accessories, organizers, cleaning tools to office supplies, snacks, pet products, and lots more. If you ever need anything for use at home – whether it’s for gardening, cooking, or cleaning – it’s highly likely you’ll find it at Daiso. Some may also be surprised to see shelves dedicated to electronics, sporting goods, car accessories and toys. You’ll also find handy travel accessories like multi-adaptors, portable luggage scales, and phone chargers, in case you lost or forgot to bring yours.

    2. Get More for Less

    • 5,000 won silent wireless mouse
    • 2,000 won luggage tag

    Despite the surging inflation, Daiso Korea continues to keep their price cap at 5,000 won (approx. USD 4.00) with many products available at 1,000~3,000 won, a very attractive price range for consumers looking for ways to save money. Food items like snacks and candies are similar in volume than what is sold at convenience stores, but they cost less at around 1,000~2,000 won, giving you the perfect opportunity to try a wide variety of unique Korean treats!

    3. Seasonal and Life hack Products

    • 2024 Spring-themed products
    • Daiso’s official Disney merch

    Daiso Korea keeps their stores busy year-round by releasing seasonal products and life hack items on a regular basis. Colorful items and ornaments designed to match the tone and theme of the upcoming season are usually on display near the main entrance of the shop, grabbing the attention of passersby. In addition to the everyday practical items, Daiso also presents useful and creative life hack items that are convenient and easy to use. Look up “Daiso Korea” on any social media platform to see what’s trending.

    In addition, Daiso Korea actively launches collaboration products with character franchises and brands, including Disney. All Disney character products sold in Daiso Korea are official and original. Not only do these products make for an adorable collectible, but are also practical as well.

    Test product on display
    • Skincare and hair products
    • Featured beauty products

    4. Affordable K-beauty

    Like all the other products in Daiso, beauty products also cost 5,000 won or less. The low price tags may have you doubting their efficacy, but although these beauty products may lack in terms of volume, they definitely don’t lack in quality. After Daiso Korea sealed the deal with Korea’s major cosmetics manufacturers like Kolmar Korea and Cosmax, Daiso beauty products continued to earn positive reviews, followed by a line of loyal customers mostly consisting of Korean youths and frugal shoppers. The 1,000-won sheet masks are always a steady seller, and well-known brands like CLIO and Nature Republic are on display. The top selling product nowadays is the VT Reedle Shot.

    With a variety of items offered at affordable prices and a lineup of new products updated on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that Daiso has become the norm for those who seek less expensive options for the household or gift shopping among both Koreans and travelers from abroad. If you happen to encounter the red and white Daiso sign on your way, check it out and who knows? You just might end up buying something you never knew you needed in your life.

    Daiso Shopping Tips

    Finding What You Want in Daiso

    If you have a specific item in mind, it can be overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming, to walk aisle after aisle in search of what you’re looking for. Save your time and energy by saving a photo of the item on your phone so you can ask for assistance on-site by showing the image.

    • Erlebt die moderne koreanische Kultur und Geschichte entlang der Gassen

      Scan the QR code, not the Barcode

      If you’re opting to do a self-checkout, take note you would have to scan the QR code on the product, and not the barcode. There can be exceptions depending on the product, so if you can’t find a QR code then scan the barcode or signal the staff for assistance.

    Noteworthy Daiso Stores

    Daiso Myeongdong Station Branch, a 12-story Mega Daiso

    Among the many Daiso stores, we recommend visiting Daiso Myeongdong Station Branch located along the road between Myeong-dong Station Exits 1 and 4. Renovated in 2023, this 12-story mega Daiso mall is complete with English, Japanese, and Chinese floor guide and self-checkout kiosks for the convenience of multilingual customers. You can also claim a tax refund so make sure to bring your passport.

    - Address: 134-1 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 중구 퇴계로 134-1)
    - Operating hours: 10:00-22:00
    - Inquiries: +82-1522-4400

    Daiso Gangnam Express Bus Terminal Branch, the Largest Daiso Store

    If you have some time on hand while waiting for a bus from Seoul to another city, drop by Daiso Gangnam Express Bus Terminal Branch inside the terminal building. Daiso Gangnam Express Bus Terminal Branch is known to be the largest Daiso store in Korea, so make sure to keep track of your time while you browse the maze-like aisles; otherwise, you might miss your bus! This branch is also equipped with multilingual self-checkout kiosks and offers tax refunds.

    - Address: 194 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 서초구 신반포로 194)
    - Operating hours: 08:30-22:00
    - Inquiries: +82-1522-4400

    Best-selling Daiso Products in Korea

    • VT Reedle Shot

    • Dong-a Ssak Stick
      (Portable stain remover)

    • Daiso Capsule Coffee

    • Pet Balaclava

    Must-buy Daiso Souvenirs

    • Character merch

    • Photocard accessories

    • Smartphone accessories

    • Korean snacks


    - Daiso Mall:

    - Instagram: @daisolife

    - TikTok: @daisolife

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    * Photos courtesy of Asung Daiso

    * This column was last updated in March 2024, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check for updates from the official website before visiting.

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