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        • 04/03/2023

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  • Shopping in Korea

    Shopping in Korea is frequently mentioned as a charming point that adds excitement to your trip as it boasts diversity, accessibility, and reasonable prices. From duty free and department stores to outlets and select shops, there are a variety of shopping locations that suit different needs and preferences. It is also fun to look for popular shopping attractions and unique items in each region. Check out must-visit spots and must-buy items as well as frugal tax exemption information and sale tips all in one place!

    Payments and tax refunds

    At most Korean stores, you can use your credit card (visa, MASTER, jcb, AMEX, UnionPay, etc.) without any limits. NAMANE Card and T-money Cards , which are chargeable prepaid cards, can be freely used at affiliate shops and, at BC Card Paybooc QR member stores, you can utilize the UnionPay QR code for convenient payment. Also, at ZeroPay member stores, global convenient payment methods linked to ZeroPay such as WeChat Pay and UnionPay can be used to pay and, if you make payment at a ZeroPay tax refund member store, you can automatically receive tax refund services. However, some traditional markets and street shops may only accept cash so please beware.

    Learn about discount periods

    Most stores hold sale events targeting the off-season, which is usually the period from June to August and from December to February in the following year. During this period, you can purchase products at inexpensive prices and additional sale benefits may be available depending on brands and stores so, before you shop, make sure to check if it is a sale period.  
    Korea Grand Sale is a shopping and cultural festival for foreigners that combines tourism and hallyu and, if you are planning to travel in Korea during this period, you can look forward to not only excitement in shopping but also abundant discount benefits in many different areas such as flights, accommodations, beauty, entertainment, foods and beverages, and experiences. Check the website for more information on exact dates, method of use and coupons.

    This page was last updated in March 2023, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here.    
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