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  • Luxury Korea

    Only in Korea, Especially for you

  • Luxury Travel info

    Discover some 100 luxury tourism contents in seven categories including accommodation, gourmet, and others.

  • Tours

    It is not always interesting to visit places where everyone goes and have dishes everyone has tasted. So, we prepared a travel package for those wanting to see even one attraction yet still be fully immersed and visit places according to their preference even if it takes a longer time.

  • Luxury Korea Live Fam Tour

    Discover Korea's Luxury tourism contents such as hotels, gourmet food, traditional culture, master craftsmen, and beauty experiences through high-definition video and online live tours.


High-class and unique traditional cultural experiences at tourist destinations offer tourists an opportunity to explore a new world and travel back to the past. Tourists are encouraged to understand the local culture first to fully enjoy their one-of-a-kind experience. Our travel programs invite tourists to have invaluable traditional experiences of Korea and encounter major Korean masters of exquisite craftsmanship at their workshops.
While cultural experiences lead to vivid memories of travel destinations, satisfactory accommodations and food experiences lead to happy memories. Our travel programs consist of high-class accommodations, including hanok (traditional Korean house) accommodations infused with modern amenities in the traditional beauty of hanok and various lodgings with special additional facilities. Not only do we provide comfortable accommodations, but also exciting well-being programs and quality restaurants that serve delicious and healthy dishes with a beautiful atmosphere.
For those interested in health and meditation, Wellness Travel is the perfect choice! We offer nature-friendly meditation programs in Korea, where people enjoy hiking and walking amid nature in the center of the city, as well as the quality health care programs provided at world-class Korean hospitals.

Visit and enjoy “Luxury Korea Travel” where nature and culture; tradition and cutting-edge technology; and delicious food and fabulous styles coexist!


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