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        • 03/30/2023

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  • Traveling in Korea on a Budget

    Planning a trip to Korea to enjoy the fascinating culture and beautiful nature? Then here are some useful tips for traveling Korea on a budget and still getting the most bang for your buck. By properly utilizing the travel information shared below, spend your time in Korea with cool and exciting events.

    Flight tickets

    The first thing you need when planning for your trip to Korea would be a flight ticket. There are no fixed rules in purchasing cheap flight tickets but, nevertheless, one important thing to remember is to avoid peak seasons like July to August and December to January, which are summer and winter vacation periods for many students and office workers in Korea.


    【Korea Quality certified accommodation】

    Korea has accommodations ranging in a wide price range from luxury hotels and resorts to inexpensive guesthouses. Motels and guesthouses, in particular, offer neatly organized rooms at affordable prices, which make them great options for travelers on a budget. Also, since most accommodations are much cheaper during weekdays than weekends, trying more expensive accommodations on a weekday is also an option. 


    Korea has a terrific public transportation system. In particular, large cities such as Seoul and Busan always experience a heavy volume of traffic so using the subway instead of taxis or your own car will save you both time and money. You may receive transfer discounts if you use a transportation card such as the NAMANE Card or the T-money Card. If you plan to travel to several cities in a short period, we recommend KORAIL Pass, a rail pass exclusively for foreign tourists. It would also be great to plan a walking trip in areas where numerous tourist attractions are gathered together.


    One of the areas that tourists visiting Korea look forward to the most is probably the Korean food experience. Korean food is an element of the country’s culture that well displays the creativity and generosity of the Korean people. Typical, Korean restaurants generously serve a number of side dishes along with the main dish so you can enjoy a satisfying meal anywhere you go. From convenience stores to bunsik restaurants and traditional markets, there are many places that offer cheap but delicious meals so don’t miss out and make sure to visit!


    Korea is known for countless attractions that you can enter for free or with very cheap admission fees including historic and cultural venues like museums, art museums, and temples as well as natural attractions by the sea or in the mountains. The National Museum of Korea and Gyeongju National Museum that exhibit a large volume of valuable cultural relics of Korea both allow free admission. In addition, places like HiKR Ground, which is an experience-based Korea tourism promotion center operated by the Korea Tourism Organization, offer a wide variety of free experiences. What’s more, the country is full of natural attractions where you can frugally savor the beauty of Korea including Seoul’s Hangang River, beaches, and mountain trails nationwide.

    Tip1 Buy a SIM card only if it’s necessary

    Korea is a country with one of the world’s most well-established network environments. In large cities, public places, public transportation stations, nearly all cafes and accommodations offer free Wi-Fi (some accommodations even have computers). This means that Korea is one of few countries in the world in which travelers can rely on the Wi-Fi infrastructure, a pre-downloaded map and a translation app instead of having to purchase SIM cards. So, in Korea, you may reconsider buying a SIM card.

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