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Entry Info for Korea

1. Passports and Visa

Visa Guidelines

Foreign nationals entering Korea are generally required to have a valid passport and a Korean visa assigned by overseas branch of Korean embassy or consular offices. For Indian citizens travelling to Korea, a single-entry visa valid for 90 days is usually issued. For people with past travel to Korea, multiple-entry Visa can also be issued.

Visa Application Process

  • In India, Visa application centres are divided into 4 zones: North (Delhi), East (Kolkata), South (Chennai) and West (Mumbai).
  • North & East zone applicants must apply through VFS office at
  • South & West zone applicants can apply directly at their respective Korean consulate offices.
    • South India (Chennai):
    • West India (Mumbai):

Jeju Island No-Visa

The special governing region of Republic of Korea Jeju Island is a no visa island for Indians.
Any Indian national having valid passport can enter Jeju Island without prior Korean visa and is allowed visa-free entry. Under this arrangement visitors can stay in Jeju Island up to 30 days for tourism purpose.
Note: Important condition for visa-free entry to Jeju Island One must arrive at Jeju Island directly without touching mainland Korea. For Indian travellers, best connection is taking a direct flight from Hong Kong to Jeju Island.

2. Entry Formality

Alien Registration
A Korean embassy or consulate can issue two types of visa: a short-term visa for the visitor who wants to stay up to 90 days or a special long-term visa for periods longer than 90 days. A visitor with a special long-term visa is required to apply for alien registration at a local immigration office within 90 days of arrival.

Immigration Offices Phone
Immigration Offices
Seoul (02)2650-6212
Incheon Airport (032)740-7013
Jeju (064)722-3494
Busan (051)461-3000
Gimhae Airport (051)972-1610

3. Flight Schedule

Direct Flights – Ex-Delhi
Direct Flights – Ex-Delhi
Korean Air Delhi – Incheon
Incheon – Delhi
1930 – 0550 hrs (+1)
1245 – 1820 hrs
Air India Delhi – Incheon
Incheon – Delhi
0020 – 0950 hrs
1205 – 1635 hrs
4 Times / Week
Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat
  • AIRLINE: Korean Air
  • SECTOR: Delhi – Incheon, Incheon – Delhi
  • TIMING: 1930 – 0550 hrs (+1), 1245 – 1820 hrs
  • SCHEDULE: Daily

  • AIRLINE: Air India
  • SECTOR: Delhi – Incheon, Incheon – Delhi
  • TIMING: 0020 – 0950 hrs, 1205 – 1635 hrs
  • SCHEDULE: 4 Times / Week(Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)

Direct Flights – Ex-Mumbai
Direct Flights – Ex-Mumbai
Korean Air Mumbai – Incheon
Incheon – Mumbai
0210 – 1345 hrs
1900 – 0020 hrs (+1)
3 Times / Week
Tue, Thu, Sat
  • AIRLINE: Korean Air
  • SECTOR: Mumbai – Incheon, Incheon – Mumbai
  • TIMING: 0210 – 1345 hrs, 1900 – 0020 hrs (+1)
  • SCHEDULE: 3 Times / Week(Tue, Thu, Sat)

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