• Somaemuldo Island (소매물도)

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    One of the magnificent sights here is the breathtaking combination of bizarre rocks and the stratified bluffs of Deungdaeseom Island and Somaemuldo Island. At low tide, one can walk from one island to the other.

    Yongbawi Rock (Dragon Rock), Bucheobawi Rock (Buddha Rock), Geobukbawi Rock (Turtle Rock), Chotdaebawi Rock (Candlestick Rock) and Geulssingigul Cave are absolute masterpieces created by Mother Nature. Another must-see is the view of Somaemuldo Island from Deungdaeseom Island. From there, the rock formations look like a sitting dinosaur.

    Nammaebawi Rock (brother and sister rock) is made up of two rocks, one at the top and the other at the bottom. The name of the rock was inspired by a folk tale of a twin brother and sister. The upper rock is also known as Sutbawi Rock (charcoal rock) as it is bigger and darker than the other, while the bottom one is called Ambawi Rock.

    Somaemuldo Island was named as such due to its small size ("so" means small) in comparison to Maemuldo Island right next to it. In 1904, the island was settled by the Kim family from Gimhae, who came from the mainland as they heard that the island was so abundant in food that no one would starve. Now, the island is popular as a scenic tourist attraction.

    * Composition: 1 main island, 2 islets
    * Area: 330,000 ㎡ (including islets)

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