• Ullimsanbang House (진도 운림산방)

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    On the foot of Cheomchalsan Mountain (485 m), bordering Ssangyesa Temple to the North, sits Ullimsanbang House. The building was once a home to the famous artist, Heo Yu during his last years, after his master Kim Jeong-hee (1789~1856), a noted scholar, passed away.
    Ullimsanbang House was named after the romantic scenery of the mountain peaks nearby the Cheomchalsan Maountain that appears hazily amidst the foggy mist. According to Heo Yu’s writings, ‘Mongyeonrok’ once had various flowers and trees blossomed, but it had long been abandoned beyond recognition until it was restored by his grandson, Heo Geon (1907~1987) in 1982.
    Surrounding the Cheomchalsan Mountain, Ullimsanbang House has a ㄷ-shaped tile-roofed house containing a workroom among numerous bedrooms. It houses a wooden cottage at the rear and the So-Chi (Heo Geon’s pen name) Memorial to the right. Many of Heo family’s artworks are displayed here. At the middle of the courtyard, a crape myrtle stands gracefully on a small six-meter island floating on a pond of lilies.

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