• MATTA Fair Penang 2024 Terms and Conditions

        • 04/09/2024


        • Korea

      • MATTA Fair Penang 2024 Terms and Conditions


        1. To participate in the MATTA Fair Penang 2024 (the “Event”), Customers (the “Customers”) must be residing in Malaysia during the event period.


        2. Korea Tourism Organization Malaysia (the “Organiser”) reserves the right to disqualify any Customers without notice at any point of the Event or after should he/she be found to have not fulfilled the prerequisites of the Event Campaign prior to participation.


        Joining the Event


        3.  The Event will run from 27th April 2024 to 28th April 2024.


        4. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Event period at any time without prior notice.


        Gift Redemption


        5. Gift redemption is valid for Korea tour packages purchased at MATTA Fair Penang27th April 2024 to 28th April 2024 at SETIA Spice, Penang only.


        6. One pax is entitled to one gift only.


        7. Gift Redemption of Toiletry Bag is on a first-come, first-served basis and while stocks last.


        8. The Korea Tour Packages must consist of full itinerary packages to Korea and individual experiences such as Korea Experience Tour in Malaysia will not be eligible for redemption.


        9. Customers who purchase Korea tour package inclusive of Jeju with minimum 2 nights stay are entitled for additional gift of One (1) Jeju Tote Bag. 


        10. Redemption items are on a first-come-first-served basis and while stocks last.


        11. Employees of travel agencies and incentive groups are not entitled and not allowed to gift redemption. Only customers who made bookings at the travel fair with the original booking form and receipt will be allowed for redemption. Bookings through phone calls and online are not entitled to gifts.


        12. Customers have to be present at the booth to redeem the gifts and employees/staff of travel agencies are not allowed to redeem on their behalf. Gifts are to be redeemed at Korea Tourism Organization Malaysia Redemption booth at the on-ground MATTA Fair Penang only.


        13. The Organiser reserves the right to reject any redemptions without explanation should there be no proper proof of purchase or identification.


        14. The Organiser does not tolerate dishonesty and violence at the redemption counter and will not hesitate to reject all redemptions after should there be any.

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