KTO Manila Office was officially launched in Manila on May 2012. Our office is dedicated to promote Korea as a premier leisure, incentive, and medical travel destination to the Philippine Travellers. Anyone can visit us and inquire about travelling to Korea. We have brochures, guidebooks, maps, and other information ready to be distributed to all interested visitors.
We offer constant product update to the public and to travel agents. Tapping through all available media, which includes but not limited to print, TV, and online, we plan to disseminate information and educate everyone of all the fun and inspiring experience they can have in Korea.
KTO Manila office is also active in joining travel expos and other trade shows that will introduce Korea to more people.
For travel agents:
Visit our office and get to know how we can help you with your group tours and other marketing efforts to promote Korean tour packages.
○ Director
- Hyung Joon Kim

○ Deputy Director
- Eunkyung Cho

○ Manager
- Taeyang Son

○ Assistant Manager
- Jen Marini Constantino

○ Marketing Coordinator
- Joseph Jeong

○ Marketing Coordinator
- Dustine James Maaño
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