• Introduction

    Our KTO Office in Kuala Lumpur operates to promote South Korea as a tourist destination to Malaysian and Bruneian travelers along with providing a diversity of travel information on tourist destinations in South Korea. Concurrently, the office takes charge of promotional activities in both Malaysia and Brunei.

  • Major Duties

    ㅇ Our main activities

    1. Helping local travel agencies make travel products of South Korea

    2. Planning familiarization tours to South Korea for journalists and travel agents

    3. Advertising of South Korea through local media and SNS channel

    4. Participating in Travel fair and Holding promotional Events for local consumers

    5. MICE Support especially for corporate companies traveling to Korea for incentive and corporate meeting purposes

    6. Operating Korea Plaza which offers a wide array of travel information and free consultation service for Malaysians who are interested to travel to South Korea

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