• Dive into the Indigo Blue Ocean Landscape: Brown Dot Hotel at Jangsaeng Port in Ulsan!

        • 05/10/2022


  • We have reached the end of the long road of “social distancing.” For the past two years,
    we all had to live through days filled with anxiety brought about by a pandemic no one has ever experienced before.
    Because of this, traveling has become a remedy that provides energy to the exhausted body and mind.
    While COVID-19 isn’t entirely over yet, spring has officially arrived at destinations across the country.
    April is when greenery spreads across the country, along with the gentle spring breeze.
    It is also the perfect time to travel.

    So, I headed over to Ulsan. Some may consider Ulsan a rather boring place,
    but that is because they don’t know the city well enough.
    The city of Ulsan, which led the industrialization of South Korea, has transformed into a travel destination with many charms.
    You will soon realize that it is a lively city that offers a combination of mountains, fields, ocean, history, and culture.
    Let’s embark on a journey in search of Ulsan’s charms!

    Jangsaeng Port is the base camp of my Ulsan trip.
    Located on the western coast of Ulsanman Bay, Jangsaeng Port was once a well-off village famous for hunting whales.
    Now, it is a robust area of Ulsan that houses a large factory zone and whale culture zone.
    Small buildings surround the harbor,
    but the modern building that stands out is Brown Dot Hotel Jangsaengpo Branch,the only hotel in the Jangsaeng Port area,
    and also a Korea Quality-Certified hotel, ensuring safe, quality lodging.

    The clean facilities, quiet atmosphere, and ocean view offer an overall satisfying experience.
    The hotel consists of a lobby on the first floor, a restaurant on the second floor (temporarily closed in April),
    as well as guestrooms on the third to ninth floors, and check-in begins at 15:00.

    My first impression of the hotel was that it was spotless.
    The first-floor lobby is incredibly spacious and bright because of its high ceiling and the sunlight streaming in.
    The single work of art that hangs on the wall seems to depict a sunset in Ulsan,
    and the stylish lighting adds energy to an otherwise bland space.
    Right beside the front desk is a business center equipped with laptops and printers, allowing guests to work as needed and enjoy a “workation.”

    Brown Dot Hotel Jangsaengpo Branch is equipped with diverse styles of guestrooms depending on the view, room size, and bed type.
    The rooms come in seven types: Standard Double City, Deluxe Double City, Deluxe Double Ocean, Deluxe Twin Ocean,
    Deluxe Family Twin Ocean, Terrace Suite, and Royal Suite.
    A wide selection of guestrooms is offered depending on the purpose of travel, the number of guests, and personal preference.

    The hotel is great for those on business, couples, or family trips, satisfying travelers’ various needs.
    The price point is also reasonable, which gives the hotel a reputation as lodging that is highly cost-effective.
    All guestrooms have a TV, air conditioner, and air purifier.
    An air dresser and Netflix services are also offered for guestrooms of deluxe level and higher.

    Among the different guestroom types, I stayed in a Deluxe Double Ocean room.
    It was on the larger side as there was a separate bathroom and bedroom.
    All sides of the room were made of glass, for crystal-clear views of the ocean, as if you could reach out and touch the water.
    It is no exaggeration to say that it offers a spectacular scene where you can admire the sunrise and evening sky from inside the room.

    Meanwhile, the guestroom’s interior was modern and cozy.
    The bed, sofa, and other furniture were designed with intricate details.
    The excellent soundproof system and cutting-edge home appliances, such as the air purifier and air dresser, added a special touch.
    Robes were also prepared to be used after a shower or as pajamas.
    The cleanliness of the robes, beddings, and towels was extremely satisfying, and other amenities also included green tea, coffee, and two bottles of water.

    Sit on the sofa to admire the view outside the window, and drink a cup of coffee to release tension from your travels.
    You can also entertain yourself by watching a movie or drama on Netflix.

    The bathroom has a separate sink, shower, and toilet.
    As the shower and bedroom were adjacent, an opaque film was installed on the glass divider to offer privacy.
    There is also a bathtub that accompanies the shower.
    If you forgot to pack your bath bomb, place the body cleanser under the faucet, and turn on the water at a high volume to create rich bubbles.


    Set inside a reusable dispenser are bathroom amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser, and soap.
    The products come in a gentle grapefruit scent.
    The toothbrush set, razor, cotton swabs, hair ties, and comb are placed inside the amenity box on the vanity table of the guestroom.

    Convenience stores, fast-food shops, and restaurants are located near the hotel,
    and you can easily walk to the Jangsaengpo Whale Museum and Whale Culture Village.
    The hotel is perfect for traveling in Ulsan because it takes 15 minutes by car to Daewangam Park and 20 minutes to Taehwagang National Garden.


    Brown Dot Hotel Jangsaengpo Branch is a place that provides solace to guests fatigued from their daily lives.
    The thoughtfulness and consideration for guests were evident in the clean facilities, kind services, and guestroom amenities.
    I was able to soothe my tired body and mind while admiring the peaceful view of the ocean.



    1. Business Name: Brown Dot Hotel Jangsaengpo Branch
    2. Address: 211, Jangsaengpogorae-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan
    3. Phone No.: +82-52-275-6000
    4. Website: https://bdtjsp.modoo.at/
    5. Parking: Available
    6. Fee (Off-Season Price):

      Standard Double City: Weekday KRW 65,000 / Weekend KRW 85,000

      Deluxe Double Ocean: Weekday KRW 75,000 / Weekend KRW 110,000

      Deluxe Twin Ocean: Weekday KRW 85,000 / Weekend KRW 130,000

      Deluxe Family Twin Ocean: Weekday KRW 120,000 / Weekend KRW 160,000

      Terrace Suite: Weekday KRW 150,000 / Weekend KRW 180,000

      Royal Suite: Weekday KRW 250,000 / Weekend KRW 300,000

    1. Check-in: 15:00
    2. Checkout: 11:00 (An additional fee of KRW 10,000 is generated for each hour of delay.)

    [Nearby Tourist Attractions]

    Don’t Miss Out on These Four Tourist Destinations in Ulsan!

    Jangsaengpo Whale Culture Zone

    Jangsaengpo Whale Culture Zone in Ulsan is home to the Whale Museum, Whale Life Experience Museum,
    Whale Culture Village,and Jangsaengpo Culture Depot (A-FACTORY).
    Among these, the Whale Museum collects, preserves, and exhibits whale-hunting artifacts and provides marine ecosystem education and experiences.
    It brings awareness to the illegal practice of whale-hunting, which has been declining since its ban in 1986.

    Near the Whale Museum are the Whale Life Experience Museum and Ulsan Frigate.
    You can also visit Whale Culture Village by taking the monorail.
    Whale Culture Village is a replica of the old landscape of Jangsaengpo Village, which used to be the forward operating base for whale-hunting until the 1970s.
    Walk along the whale dismantling area, the village shopping district, and alleys to experience a glimpse of the past.

    Daewangam Park

    A fragrant pine grove spreads out across the entrance to Daewangam or the Tomb of King Munmu.
    About 15,000 black pine trees form a spectacular view, standing 20 meters tall and higher.
    Walk to the end of the park to reach the Tomb of King Munmu, which offers strange rocks and bizarre stones.
    Legend has it that the queen became a patriotic dragon under the Tomb of King Munmu,
    following in the steps of King Munmu of Silla, who had also become a dragon to protect the nation.

    Seuldo Island

    Walk for 20 to 30 minutes along the coastal trail from Daewangam Park to reach Seuldo Island, a rocky island that prevents waves from entering Bangeojin Port.
    The entire island consists of porous rocks, and the sound of waves can be heard through the holes in the rocks formed over several million years.
    Seuldo is an island, but people can enter without getting on a ship because it is connected to the mainland.
    The unmanned lighthouse erected in the late 1950s also guards the island.

    Taehwagang National Garden and Simni Bamboo Grove

    Ulsan’s Taehwagang National Garden was appointed as Korea’s second National Garden in July 2019, after Suncheonman Bay in Jeollanam-do.
    This designation is particularly special as the garden had undergone a complete transformation from a “river of death” to an “ecological stream.” In the garden,
    Simni Bamboo Grove produces fresh and clean air throughout the seasons.
    Stroll along the quiet path between the bamboo trees to relax the body and mind.
    Whenever the wind blows, the bamboo leaves dance and bustle.
    At night, the Milky Way allows visitors to enjoy the nightscape thanks to its LED lights.

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