• The best hotel to enjoy both the beach and lake of Gangneung Y&G Business Hotel & Pension

        • 11/25/2020


  • The best hotel to enjoy both the beach and lake of Gangneung Y&G Business Hotel & Pension Y&G Business Hotel & Pension is located between Gyeongpo Beach and Gyeongpoho Lake.

    Though new tourist attractions are created every year in Gangneung, Gyeongpo Beach and Gyeongpoho Lake are still the most popular destinations. Both of these places are within walking distance of Y&G Business Hotel & Pension. With a neat white-toned interior and a variety of convenient amenities and services, the hotel is an excellent choice for all types of tourists.

    Four-person, Hotel-type Rooms boast a spacious size.

    There is an independent cooking space in Pension-type Rooms.

    Y&G Business Hotel & Pension provides two types of rooms, Hotel-type and Pension-type Rooms. These different types of rooms coexist in the same space. The main difference between the two types is the presence or absence of a cooking facility. The Pension-type Rooms are equipped with a cooking facility in the room, allowing guests to do simple cooking. Hotel-type Rooms provide a cozy and comfortable space and atmosphere. These rooms are suitable for travelers who want to eat out and use their rooms only as a space for relaxation. Another advantage of these rooms is that they are priced lower than the Pension-type Rooms as there is no cooking facility.

    Four-person, Hotel-type Rooms are suitable for families of 3-4 people.

    Two-person, Hotel-type Rooms can be a reasonable option for single travelers or couples.

    Some Four-person Rooms have a skylight through which the sky can be seen.

    The rooms also vary by size. A variety of options are available, from cozy Two-person Rooms to spacious Four-person Rooms. This means that this hotel is optimized for all types of travelers, including friends, couples, and families. Some rooms have a skylight, through which you can look up at the sky while lying on the bed. For guests staying in a room with a skylight, a separate remote control to open and close the awning is provided at check-in.

    The breakfast restaurant that also serves as a recreational area is always open.

    Guests can play ping-pong here anytime.

    Guests who want to do karaoke can find a facility inside the hotel.

    Y&G Business Hotel & Pension features a variety of amenities. On the basement floor are amusement facilities that guests can use anytime. There are many types of board games, as well as ping-pong and pool tables. In one corner, you can even find nostalgic arcade games. There is also a karaoke facility, allowing guests to have an exciting day without leaving the hotel.

    The hotel’s neatly managed barbecue area can be used regardless of the weather.

    An unmanned store inside the hotel sells a wide variety of items like a general convenience store.

    There are also several useful facilities outdoors. One of them is a barbecue area that can be used all year round. Covered with large tents, the barbecue area is equipped with tables and ventilation systems. Without worrying about the smell and smoke, guests can hold small barbecue parties. Every summer, a swimming pool is installed in one corner of the parking lot. The hotel’s 24-hour unmanned store is a place where you can easily purchase groceries without having to leave the hotel. Proceeds from all these facilities, including the unmanned store, are donated for the welfare of local firefighters. This fundraising campaign offers meaning to using these facilities.

    Y&G Business Hotel & Pension

    • Address: 41, Gyeongpo-ro 475beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
    • Tel.: +82-33-644-3344
    • Website: www.ntpark.kr
    • Room Prices: Two-person, Hotel-type Room KRW 35,000-160,000 / Three-person, Hotel-type Room KRW 60,000-210,000 / Four-person Hotel-type Room KRW 80,000-320,000 / Two-person, Pension-type Room KRW 45,000-200,000 / Four-person, Pension-type Room KRW 80,000-320,000 / Four-person, Pension-type Family Room KRW 90,000-360,000
    • Parking: Available

    Nearby Tourist Destination

    Gyeongpoho Lake

    • A trail that encircles Gyeongpoho Lake is popular with both locals and tourists. There is also a pine forest on one side of the trail. Try the spicy seafood and soft tofu stew at Chodang Soondubu (Soft Tofu) Village

      Gangneung, famous for Gyeongpo Beach, is no longer a tourist destination suitable only for the summer season. The deep blue Donghae (East Sea) presents an open seascape throughout all four seasons, and the calm Gyeongpoho Lake provides relaxation with a peaceful trail encircling the lake and a lush pine forest on the shore. Just a bit further are several spaces that preserve the history and tradition of Gangneung, such as Heo Gyun and Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Park, Gyeongpodae Pavilion, Ojukheon House, and Seongyojang House. There is also Chodang Soondubu (Soft Tofu) Village nearby the lake. The soft tofu made with water pulled from the depths of Donghae (East Sea) is a specialty of Gangneung and the best tofu in Korea in which locals take pride. A soft tofu stew combo can be a good choice, but we also recommend trying the spicy seafood and soft tofu stew and ice cream with soft tofu, which have recently gained popularity.

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