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    Relaxing Gangneung

    November 4-5, 2018

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    Gyeongpo Lake, Jumunjin Beach

    Gyeongpo Lake night view

    3 days Movement Memorial night view

    Gyeongpoho lake is right next to Gyeongpo Beach and during the night, it is a beautiful and romantic place. That is why the local legend says that under the moonlight people can fall in love in there, and one of the reasons why there are a lot of couples walking around the area after the sun goes down. It is a nice place where you can sit and admire the nature around. There is a road that goes all the way around the lake that has some information about the local city. Additionally, if you go during the daytime, it is possible to visit the Gyeongpodae Pavilion, which is a famous Korean historical site in the area. There you can enjoy the view of the lake.

    The Gyeongpo Lake used to be a fishing place, however during the last years the pollution forced the local authorities to preserve nature. However, during the night you can still see the fish and hear them jump around the lake.

    Gyeongpodae Pavilion night view

    Jumunjin Beach

    Jumunjin Beach is located at the northeast part of Gangneung province and it is famous for a few reasons. One reason is due to the clear water and the low-price fish restaurants along the coast. Lately, it has been visited by many Koreans and foreigners because it was the recording location of one of the most famous Korean dramas in the last few years: “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,” also known as Goblin. The beach is clean; it has a very deep blue water color and offers a relaxing environment for family, friends and couples.

    Jumunjin Beach

    Jumunjin Beach

    Jumunjin Beach Korean drama "Guardian"

    Furthermore, the Jumunjin Harbor is really close and there are several restaurants along the area where is possible to have a fresh and delicious meal directly from the sea.

    Ojukheon House

    Ojukheon House entrance

    Ojukheon House is well known as a famous Korean historical place because it is one of the oldest buildings from the Joseon Dynasty, and also because of the historical connection with the Korean national currency. How is this possible? This place was the birth cradle of Yi I, a famous Confucianism scholar and politician of the Joseon period, whose face appears on the5,000 won Korean bill. This is also the place where Shin Saimdang, mother of Yi I and a famous artist in painting, calligraphy and poetry, used to live in the Joseon period and whose face appears on the 50,000 won Korean bill.

    Ojukheon House view

    Ojukheon House also offers a beautiful park with breathtaking colors during the autumn season, a memorial hall, and a souvenir store where it is possible to buy a piece of the local art as well as beauty products handmade by the area residents.

    It is a Confucianism headquarter where the atmosphere is really relaxing and special for family.

    Ojukheon House Inside gate

    The place is open from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM and has a fee of 3,000 won for adults, 2,000 for teenagers (under 18 years old), and 1,000 for children (under 6 years old).

    Traveler's Room :
    Gangneung Ojuk Hanok Village

    Ojuk Hanok Village

    The Ojuk Hanok Village is an amazingly beautiful place to stay, with a quiet and relaxing environment as well as a place to experience traditional Korean culture.

    Ojuk Hanok Village pond

    Ojuk Hanok Village is located away from downtown of the city, surrounded by nature and quite close to the famous Gyeongpo Beach where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful blue sea and taste fresh Korean seafood.

    Access to the Ojuk Hanok Village from downtown, or the bus terminal, is simple and it is only necessary to take one form transportation. However, the frequency of the buses compared to a big city is a little bit slow (every 15 or 20 minutes). Once you arrive in the village, the friendly staff is there to take you to the room you have reserved and explain how to use the facilities inside. This information is especially useful if you have never experienced a traditional Korean hanok before. If you have any questions, you can always first the Front Desk at the main gate.

    Hanok room

    Hanok room

    Hanok toilet

    Hanok shower

    The hanok is equipped with all the essential elements to make your stay more enjoyable: comfortable blankets, coffee pot, flat screen TV, air conditioning, and the famous Korean ‘ondol’ heating system. This ondol system makes it possible to sleep on the floor even during the winter season without any inconvenience. Not only does the hanok provide a peaceful environment, it also connects and allows one to experience Korean traditions that still exist to this day.

    Hanok front door

    The Ojuk Hanok complex offers different room sizes, making it a perfect place to enjoy with few or many people. Inside the village, there is a beautiful pond with golden fish and a special place that has traditional Korean games for children and adults. Right next to the village, there is an oriental embroidery museum, a beautiful park full of nature, and the famous Ojukheon House, where it is possible to learn about Korean history and traditional local arts.

    The Ojuk Hanok Village offers a complete traditional Korean housing experience, a break from the fast life in the city, and a brushstroke of Korean history in an extremely comfortable hanok with amazing staff members to guide you on your trip.

    Hotel Information
    Hotel Information - Hotel name, Website, Address, Price, Tel, Check in/out
    Hotel name Gangneung Ojuk Hanok Village
    Website https://ojuk.gtdc.or.kr/
    Address 114, Jukheon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
    Price 60,000 won
    Tel (+82) 33-655-1117 or 1118
    Check in/out 3 PM / 11 AM
    Korea Travel Qrator's Tip

    The easiest way to get to the hotel from the bus terminal is by taxi. Using only the name of the Ojuk Hanok Village, the driver will know where to take you and it will not cost more than 5,000 won. However, if you want to take the public transportation, there are several buses in front of the Gangneung Express Bus Terminal that goes almost all the way to the hotel and you will only have to walk for about 10 minutes before you will arrive to the village.

    There are several coffee shops around the hotel, and especially close to the Ojukheon House. It is good to walk around the park and enjoy the view and nature during the daytime and after the sun goes down while drinking a warm cup of coffee in one of the coffee shops around.

    The closest beach from the hotel is Gyeongpo Beach. If you really enjoy nature walks, it will take you about 1 hour to walk to the beach. However, there is also public transportation that will get you there in less than 15 minutes. Another beautiful, and lately very famous beach, is Jumunjin Beach. It will take you around 1 hour to go there by public transportation. This location is well known because of the beautiful blue sea and for being the filming place of the famous Korean drama "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God." So, if you enjoy Korean dramas this location is a place you must visit.

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