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        • 12/02/2021


  • The Essence of Red Ginseng Spa Embodying the Wisdom of the Ancestors

    Jinan is home to the refreshingly impressive scenery of Maisan Mountain. Made up of two peaks of Ammaibong and Sutmaibong, named after their resemblance to horse ears, Maisan Mountain in turn hosts Jinan Red Ginseng Spa, which uses red ginseng as the medium to realize the traditional concept of the Five Cardinal Directions in human body.

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    an encounter Between priceless Red Ginseng and Spa

    Jinan, Jeollabuk-do has been traditionally known as a ginseng producing area. Goryeo ginseng, the ingredient of red ginseng, is a plant that requires extra care throughout the entire process from seeding to harvesting. Unlike other crops, it is not easy to cultivate it. Depending on the soil and geographical features, the total production of ginseng can vary. Jinan-gun is a highland basin located 300 meters above the sea level and known for having a huge diurnal range. Because of this, it takes about 60 days longer to grow ginseng here than in any other regions. Fully grown ginseng is rich in saponins with a solid texture and a long-lasting scent. Jinan Red Ginseng Spa aims to help you see the excellence of red ginseng made with high-quality ginseng. It is also proud to present high- end therapy programs that uses the precious extract of red ginseng from Jinan-gun.

    The spa is largely devided into the “Taegeuk Zone,” the yin and yang “Therapy Zone” and the “Aqua Zone,” where visitors can enjoy an open-air bath while admiring Maisan Mountain. The most popular program is the “Red Ginseng Bubble Sense Therapy.” Up to 50 people can join in at the same time. They sit on a round, hot bed as colorful lights start to beam. Soon, bubbles begin to rise high enough to cover the whole body. Use the dense ginseng fragrant foam for a massage and the skin will discharge toxins and dead skin. It is said to promote metabolism and has an improvement effect on blood circulation. Effectiveness is great, but above all it is just a lot of fun. After bathing in bubbles for about 10 minutes, the ceiling releases a rinsing rain shower. You will be surprised at how refreshed and relaxed your body is. It will even blow away all your stress.

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    Korea’s First Red Ginseng and yin and yang and the Five elements Spas

    The Yin and Yang program consists of an indoor spa and wind therapy. The indoor spa is equipped with water jets, air bubbles, neck showers, and massage rings for a variety of water movements, as well as a bathing pool to fully enjoy the yin energy, and “Sound Floating,” which uses sounds to reenact the feeling of an embryo floating in amniotic fluid during pregnancy. Visitors enter a dark and quiet pool, put tubes around their necks and legs and float on the water surface. When they tilt their necks back and water covers their ears they will be able to hear the melodies of classical music. It's a dreamy and surreal moment. The last stage of the Yin and Yang program is wind therapy, where hot and cold winds are used to dry the wet body.

    The Five Elements program, which is composed of water, gold, wood, fire and earth, is also refined and of high quality. “Water” offers aromatherapy using different baths to enjoy lower-body bathing while drinking red ginseng extracts. “Wood” is a herb therapy where you lie in a tub filled with sterilized dried sweet wormwood. It is great to take a nap. “Gold” is a stone therapy where visitors can take a break and lie on hot gravel. “Fire” is a harmony therapy that uses red ginseng mud face packs during a wet sauna on heat sheets made of stone. When the pack has dried, a misty rain is activated followed by a strong rain shower. “Earth” is a thermal therapy in a yellow clay spa where germanium beds offer far-infrared rays. After the Five Elements program it is time for the outdoor aqua zone, which is the highlight of Red Ginseng Spa. Under a blue sky you have a great view of the “horse ears” of Maisan Mountain, a sight you will remember for a long time.

    It will be a fruitful opportunity to satisfy all your five senses as you not only get the positive energy from Korean medicine practices but also drink in the beautiful natural scenery. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Jinan Red Ginseng Spa has been temporarily closed since December 2020. Please check out the website for any further notice.

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    Jinan Red Ginseng Spa
    • ∨ +82-1588-7597
    • ∨ 09:30~20:30 (last entry 17:00), closed every last Monday of the month
    • ∨ Adults KRW 39,000, Children KRW 30,000 on weekdays, Adults KRW 43,000, Children KRW 34,000 on weekends
    • ∨ 16-10, Waesayang-gil, Jinan-eup, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
    • www.redginsengspa.co.kr


    Relax after a Spa!

    If you are satisfied with the moment of healing through wellness programs at Jinan Red Ginseng Spa, you might want to stay overnight and enjoy your freedom. Jinan Red Ginseng Spa offers accommodations such as Red Ginseng Ville along with the spa. Facing Maisan Mountain, this three-story hotel is equipped with 44 rooms. There are a wide range of rooms from a studio-type room for two persons to a large room for a group of 12 persons.

    Things To Do

    Maisan provincial park
    Maisan provincial park
    The name of the mountain, “mai (馬耳)” means a horse’s pair of ears. It is named that way because its two peaks resemble a horse’s ears.
    ∇ 130, Maisan-ro, Jinan-eup, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
    yongdamho Lake
    yongdamho Lake
    Along with the construction of Yongdam Dam, a bridge was built to complete the dam’s scenic road
    ∇ 747, Anyong-ro, Ancheon- myeon, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk- do
    uniram and Baniram Valley
    uniram and Baniram Valley
    The steep cliffs create a magnificent view in perfect harmony with crystal-clear water flowing
    ∇ 1926, Dongsangjucheon-ro, Jucheon-myeon, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
    Guktae Garden
    Guktae Garden
    It is a must-visit restaurant serving Jeolla-do’s delicious local specialties such as grilled deodeok set menu.
    ∇ 25, Oesayang-gil, Jinan-eup, Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do
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