• Finding Mr. Destiny

        • 04/18/2023


  • Finding Mr. Destiny

    Finding Mr. Destiny

    Oct. 24, 2023 (ON-LINE) / Permanent
    Bricks Theater
    Subtitles Provided
    Age Limit
    Ages 7 and up
    Running Time
    100 mins


    In the play, there is a proactive woman who approaches every aspect of life with enthusiasm, except when it comes to love. On the other hand, there is a man who may be a bit clumsy but lives his life with unwavering faith and conviction.
    "Do you believe in the concept of destined love?" During her journey to India, the female protagonist crosses paths with a lively character named Kim Jong-wook, adding excitement to her adventure. From their initial encounter on the airplane to their fateful reunion in the deserts of India, the woman protagonist feels an undeniable sense of destiny and falls deeply in love with Kim Jong-wook in an instant. However, their love story takes a heartbreaking turn as they are destined to part ways forever upon returning from India. Unable to erase the memories of her first love, Kim Jong-wook, the woman protagonist embarks on a quest to find him nine years later, enlisting the services of the "First Love Search Corporation."
    "Will she ultimately succeed in reuniting with her first love, Kim Jong-wook?"

    Finding Mr. Destiny Finding Mr. Destiny

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