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        • 04/03/2023

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  • Bunsik and Street Food, a Nice Meal on an Ordinary Day

    In Korean, the word, bunsik literally means “food made of flour.” But, in addition to flour-based food, all kinds of foods that can be a simple and convenient meal is also referred to as bunsik. Most of the foods that visitors can frequently encounter upon arrival in Korea are bunsik including tteokbokki, fried foods, sundae, gimbap, and fish cakes. The greatest advantage is the affordable prices so it is great to order several different dishes at the same time and enjoy a wide variety of flavor combinations. There are special street snacks that visitors can only try in specific seasons like bungeo ppang, fish-shaped buns, hotteok, griddlecakes with sugar filling, steamed buns, and baked sweet potatoes, all presenting unique charms.



    List of famous Korean bunsik dishes 


    This menu is loved by all Korean’s and stands in the center of all bunsik dishes in Korea. The most typical way to cook it is by mixing rice cakes with gochujang seasoning and boiling them down. The dish can also add or replace different ingredients to enjoy diverse flavors with, for example, cream tteokbokki and ramen tteokbokki.

    It is often compared to German sausage, British black pudding, Spanish morcilla, and Scottish haggis. Pig intestines and clotted blood are minced and mixed well together and then glass noodles, sticky rice, and vegetables, which form the stuffing, are added. It boasts great tastes and outstanding nutrition, making it a perfectly simple but inexpensive meal. The combination of tteokbokki, sundae and fried foods, which together called “tteoktwisun” is extremely popular.

    Rice and stuffing made of various ingredients are placed on top of a dried laver sheet, which is then rolled and cut into bite-sized pieces. There are countless types and a wide range of prices. It can be conveniently purchased in various places from bunsik restaurants to convenience stores, service areas, supermarkets, and food sections of department stores. 
    Fish cake     
    The term fish cake refers to a wide range of foods made by crushing fish filets and adding salt and other ingredients to batter before frying. Fish cakes at bunsik places are normally skewered, boiled in anchovy meat broth, and sold individually.
    Chicken skewer     
    Various ingredients are skewered on long wooden sticks and grilled or fried. Popular types of skewers include chicken skewers, featuring roasted chicken with a layer of sauce and rice cake skewers made of skewered fried rice cakes on which a sweet and spicy sauce is spread. 

    Unique bunsik dishes that make you wait for winter to come

    Hotteok : Griddlecake with sugar filling      
    Chewy dough is filled with sweet raw sugar and nuts that is then fried in oil to make the snack that everyone loves. This street food can be frequently found in winter. There are special varieties that contain vegetables or cheese inside instead of sugar.

    Bungeo ppang : Fish-shaped buns     
    This crispy pancake dough is shaped like a fish and filled with red bean stuffing. It is a famous snack for the wintertime that Koreans love. The snack is crispiest immediately after buying it from a street cart, and there are some filled with custard cream instead of red beans.

    Unique bunsik dishes for welcoming summer 

    Noodles in cold soybean soup :      
    Beans are boiled and finely ground to produce a plain soup (bean soup) and noodles are added with a little bit of salt. This is a cold noodle dish enjoyed on a hot and humid summer day, and it is also a good dish to recommend to vegetarians.

    Bingsu, Shaved ice with red beans :      
    Dessert featuring shaved ice topped with such ingredients as sweet red bean paste, sticky rice cake, and fruit. It is often served at bunsik spots as a summer-only item.

    Don’t miss out on convenience store snacks, too! 

    Korean convenience stores have quickly risen to become playgrounds for teenagers and young adults. All of the most popular snacks these days are on sale at convenience stores so it is a must-visit shopping spot and a repository of fresh flavors that visitors should make time to stop by. 

    This page was last updated on March 24, 2023, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here.     
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