• Youngpoong Bookstore - Jongno Branch (영풍문고-종로점)

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    Along with books, Youngpoong Bookstore sells gifts, small electronics, stationery and much more. It also hosts various recitals, book signings, and literary programs. The Jongno branch of Youngpoong is the nation’s largest bookstore, boasting a total area of over 10,600 meters square.

    The basement level of the store houses over 350,000 Korean and international books and there is also a customer service center and electronic search program where shoppers can find information on books.

    On the B2 floor is the “Stylish Gift Mall,” which houses various stationery items, gifts, accessories, and brand shops like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung Digital.There is also a CD section, healthcare section, diaries, home-décor items, luxury fountain pens, Hello Kitty section, café, eateries, and much more.

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