• Jusangjeolli Cliff of Gangdong Hwaam Village (강동 화암 주상절리)

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    Jusangjeolli are columnar rock formations with cross sections in hexagonal or triangular shapes. The jusangjeolli at the shore of Hwaam Maeul Village were created by basalt lava that erupted in the Tertiary period of the Cenozoic Era about 20 million years ago. The columnar basalt formations were created as the lava cooled and shrank into cracks. The rocks look like wood stacked horizontally or vertically en masse. The length of the columns average around 20 meters and diagonally are about 50 centimeters at the longest cross-section. Of the columnar lava formations on the East Coast, the Jusangjeolli in Hwaam are the oldest, so it is academically invaluable. Shaped in various angles, the rocks also offer a great landscape for sightseeing.

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