• Woljeonggyo Bridge (월정교)

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    Woljeonggyo Bridge located in Gyo-dong, Gyeongju was built during the Unified Silla period (AD 676-935), but was burnt down during the Joseon dynasty. Through historical research, the bridge was rebuilt in April 2018 to become the largest wooden bridge in Korea. According to Samguk Sagi (History of the Three Kingdoms), the bridge was built during the 19th year of King Gyeongdeok’s reign (AD 760), connecting Wolseong and Namsan together. The historical research to rebuild the bridge lasted from November 26, 1984 to September 8, 1986, finding that the bridge was made with wood for the first time. The first rebuilding of the bridge was from 2008 to 2013 and the finishing touches were added from April 2016 to April 2018. Through this research and rebuilding process, future restoration of historical buildings have a better reference to use.

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