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        • 08/18/2023


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  • Tourist taxis, solving transport and guide at the same time

    A tourist taxi is a unique means of transportation in which the taxi driver serves as a guide and you as a tourist can conveniently enjoy your trip according to your schedule regardless of time and distance. These taxis can be found in popular tourist cities such as Seoul, Gangneung and Jeju. A tourist taxi can be utilized for not only traveling but also airport pickups and business trips. Reservations can be made either on the website of a tourist taxi company or by phone, and some companies also provide foreign language correspondence so make sure to ask in advance.

    How to use tourist taxis

    When you book a tourist taxi, you need to consult in detail the following - possible dates of use, number of passengers, pickup time and location, tour time and tour course.  

    You can either take a tour course suggested by the company or propose a course you desire. If there isn’t any specific itinerary in mind, it is typically more reasonable to follow a course proposed by the company in many aspects.  

    Fares vary depending on the tour time and course so be sure to reach an agreement with the driver before you depart. 


    List of reliable tourist taxi companies

    *For more information, visit the website of each company. Click now!

    Seoul tourist taxi

    Gangwon tourist taxi (Chuncheon, Gangneung, Sokcho, Yangyang)

    • Inquiries: +82-2-2238-2895
    • Website: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
    • Tour product reservations available on the website

    Jeju tourist taxi

    • Inquiries: +82-64-756-0213
    • Website: (Korean)
    • Recommended to book by phone (connect to a driver proficient in English then call the phone number to which you have made the reservation)
    Tip Pickup service available from airport to hotel! 

    If you make a reservation for a Seoul tourist taxi in advance, a pickup service is offered in time for your arrival at the airport to your destination (hotel, home, office, etc.).

    This page was last updated in March 2023, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here.  
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