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  • Transportation Cards

    It can be quite a hassle to purchase a ticket or pay with cash each and every time you use public transportation during your trip. For convenience, try using a Korean transportation card (Tmoney Card, Cashbee Card, WOWPASS, NAMANE Card)! These are chargeable prepaid cards that do not require an account. Not only do they offer transfer discount benefits on public transportation, but also enable payments at both online and offline stores, making them extremely convenient. Make your trip in Korea more easy and convenient with a simple card.

    Tmoney Card & Cashbee Card

    You can purchase and charge these cards at any convenience store nationwide. They can be used for all public transportation and at affiliated stores that display the logos of these cards. If you are under the age of 18 and wish to receive discount benefits for public transportation fees, you must register your date of birth when purchasing a card.                

    The Tmoney Card has the largest number of affiliated stores in Korea and it can be used for lockers in subway stations as well. The Korea Tour Card and Mpass Card are a type of Tmoney Card exclusive to foreign tourists so travelers are recommended to compare the benefits before selecting a card.                

    + Visit the following websites for more information               
    Tmoney website: www.tmoney.co.kr (English, Japanese, Chinese)               
    Cashbee website: www.cashbee.co.kr (English, Chinese)

    등록매뉴얼 연결



    WOWPASS is a foreigner-exclusive all-in-one prepaid card where you can use your home currency to load the card in Korean won right away. Not only does it work as a transportation card, but it can also be used like a service-fee free debit card at affiliated stores that accept card payment. WOWPASS can be purchased through kiosks installed at 140 locations, including major subway stations, hotels, and international airports. Information on kiosk locations and accepted currency can be found on the official website. In order to buy a WOWPASS card, you will need your passport and foreign currency bills. After purchase, register your card on the WOWPASS mobile app to see payment history, as well as your remaining balance, and benefit from cash back and coupon rewards.                

    + Visit the following website for more information                
    Wowpass website: www.wowpass.io (English, Japanese, Chinese)


    Korea Tour Card  

    Korea Tour Card is a foreigner-exclusive transportation card that includes benefits for tourists. It can be purchased at bus ticket offices in Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, convenience stores, AREX, offline Tmoney-affiliated stores, and through the Tmoney mobile app. Like other transportation cards, you can use the Korea Tour Card to pay for subways, buses, taxis, AREX, and purchases at convenience and affiliated stores. The mobile app can only be charged with card payment, while physical cards can be charged with cash (Korean won only). The maximum deposit amount is 500,000 won, and refunds are available at convenience stores, Tmoney service centers inside subway stations, and Tmoney Town. This card is also an excellent option for tourists as you can receive discounts or gifts at attractions, shopping centers, F&B, entertainment facilities, and more from 1,852 stores from 251 brands.

    + Visit the following website for more information                
    Korea Tour Card website: www.koreatourcard.kr (English, Japanese, Chinese)


    NAMANE Card             
    Create your own card with a NAMANE Card, the only one in the world! NAMANE Card is a customizable card that you can create with an image of your choice. It is a great souvenir to take home after your trip is over. You can purchase a card on the NAMANE app or at a NAMANE kiosk installed at major locations nationwide including Incheon Airport, Myeong-dong, and Seoul Station. You can also check the card balance in real time and conveniently reload through the app. The card can be used for all public transportation and at any shop like a debit card.                

    + Visit the following website for more information              
    NAMANE Card website: www.namanecard.com (English, Japanese, Chinese)

    + Tmoney Cards exclusive to foreign tourists                

    ✔ AmazingPay T-Money Provides a 10% discount when purchasing an airport bus ticket (only when paying by cash). Also, includes a coupon book offering discounts at various tourist attractions, food and beverage stores, and cultural performing halls. This card can be purchased at an airport bus ticket counter.                

    ✔ Mpass Card Transportation card that offers rides on public transportation up to 20 times a day for a maximum of 7 days. Card types include 1-day pass (15,000 won), 2-day pass (23,000 won), 3-day pass (30,500 won), 5-day pass (47,500 won), and 7-day pass (64,500 won). The card is only valid for 30 days starting the issued date. Cards purchased after 17:00 receive 3,000 won discount automatically. Mpass Card also has the same transportation card features of a Tmoney Card. Reload the card at locations that sell the Tmoney Card, to use it on taxis, express buses, intercity buses, or trains.                

    * Card issuance and return location: Tmoney Town near Seoul Station, Exit 10 (Tmoney, 1F, Seoul City Tower, 110, Huam-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 중구 후암로110 서울시티타워 10층 티머니))

    ✔ Compare all transportation cards at a glance 
    Tmoney Card
    ▶Retail locations: Convenience stores nationwide (GS25, CU, MINISTOP, etc.), Reloadable through subway ticket vending machines inside subway stations (Reload amount limited to 500,000 won max.)         
    ▶Price: 3,000 won-5,000 won (General)         
    ▶Card usage:         
    - Public transportation and affiliated stores displaying the Tmoney Card logo         
    - Fares on highways and toll roads         
    - Public phones         
    - Lockers, unmanned photo booths, etc. in subway stations          
    ▶Tips: If you are under the age of 18 and wish to receive discount benefits, you must register your date of birth at a convenience store         
    - Largest number of affiliated stores         
    - Diverse types of cards and discount benefits specialized for travelers including Korea Tour Card, AmazingPay Tmoney, and Mpass Card         
    ▶Website: www.t-money.co.kr (English, Chinese, Japanese)         
    Cashbee Card         

    ▶Retail locations: Convenience stores nationwide (GS25, CU, MINISTOP, etc.), Reloadable at subway ticket vending machines inside subway stations (Reload amount limited to 500,000 won max.)         
    ▶Price: 2,000 won~         
    ▶Card usage:          
    - Public transportation and affiliate stores displaying the Cashbee Card logo          
    - Subways in the Seoul Metropolitan Area, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, and Gwangju         
    - Fares on highways and toll roads         
    Public phones         
    ▶Tips: Only refunds of less than 20,000 won possible at convenience stores, Smartphone tap feature available by registering the purchased card on the Cashbee app         
    ▶Advantages: In addition to cards, Cashbee Cards come in the form of wristwatches, accessories, and stickers for iPhones         
    ▶Website: www.cashbee.co.kr (English, Chinese)         

    ▶Retail locations:          
    - WOWPASS app: Search “WOWPASS” on Google Play or App Store         
    WOWPASS kiosk: Visit the website or download app to check kiosk locations         
    ▶Price: 5,000 won         
    ▶Card usage: Affiliated stores nationwide, Public transportation nationwide         
    - Card must be activated after purchase         
    - Remaining balance can be returned as cash in Korean won through a WOWPASS kiosk machine         
    - “All-in-one WOWPASS Airport Package,” available for pick-up at Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport, comes with diverse benefits (discount on WOWPASS card, SKT sim card, and AREX express train; 10,000 won Tmoney balance / Offered until December 31, 2024)          
    - An all-in-one card for exchanging currency, buying items, and using public transportation         
    - Card discontinuation is available through the app in case the card is lost (remaining balance on the lost card can be transferred to a newly issued card)          
    ▶Website: https://www.wowpass (English, Chinese, Japanese)         
    NAMANE Card         

    ▶Retail locations: NAMANE app(Search "NAMANE" on Google Play Store or App Store), NAMANE Card vending machine, (Search for the locations of vending machines on the website or app)         
    ▶Price: Custom card 7,000 won (when purchased from a vending machine)         
    ▶Card usage: Affiliated stores nationwide, Public transportation nationwide, Fares on highways and toll roads, Affiliated partner stores displaying the Rail+ stickers, manned mobile sales stands in KTX trains          
    - Accepted on all taxis nationwide         
    - Payment not possible at certain hotels, Hyundai-affiliated outlets and department stores         
    - Both Pay Balance and Transit Balance can be loaded through the NAMANE vending machine (extra fee may apply upon loading the card)         
    ▶Advantages: Great souvenir item that is customizable, Possible to check the balance on the VISITKOREA and NAMANE app, Possible to apply for a refund if more than 60% of the charged Pay Balance is used         
    ▶Website: https://www.namanecard.com (English, Chinese, Japanese)         

    This page was last updated in April 2024, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here.                 
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