• The Park Guesthouse, bustling with non-Koreans visiting Gwangalli for the first time

        • 11/25/2020


  • The Park Guesthouse, bustling with non-Koreans visiting Gwangalli for the first time The Park Guesthouse is located 3 minutes from Gwangalli Beach, a landmark of Busan that borders on Haeundae Beach.

    The Park Guesthouse, which faces Gwangalli Beach, one of Busan’s landmarks, is a homestay-style accommodation.

    Twin Room of the Park Guesthouse

    Visitors who prefer a small, cozy room can stay in the Single Room.

    The Park Guesthouse has a total of three rooms―two Twin Rooms and one Single Room. Each room can accommodate a maximum of 3-6 guests. By offering only the essential amenities, the guesthouse offers rooms at affordable prices.

    The entire house is available for rental by groups.

    The Park Guesthouse is especially suitable for people traveling in groups. The entire house can be rented for KRW 150,000-200,000 during the off-season. The spacious living room and kitchen as well as the neat and clean rooms ensure a comfortable group trip.

    The spacious kitchen has a dining table and an iron.

    The kitchen has everything necessary for a simple cooking.

    The living room and kitchen are decorated in a typical Korean home style, which will satisfy non-Korean travelers who want to experience the local atmosphere. All kitchen utensils can be used for free, and there is also a table at which guests can eat their food. Each room has a bathroom and a toilet, with another toilet for all guests in the living room. There is also a laundry facility.

    Figures of cartoon characters that give the house a charming atmosphere

    A massage chair that helps relieve the fatigue of travelers

    The interior decorated with figures of cartoon characters, photos, and picture frames creates a charming atmosphere that is unique to the guesthouse. A massage chair that helps relieve fatigue is part of the owner’s considerate service for guests.

    As the guesthouse is used by many people, all guests must practice basic manners.

    In this homestay-style guesthouse, guests can meet other tourists of various nationalities and use amenities that boast a great quality compared to the low room prices. However, as it is a space shared by many other people, all guests must follow some basic rules. Visitors may drink a few beers in the house, but they cannot host a party. Smoking is not allowed in the whole house to maintain cleanliness. In brief, respecting each other is essential for better experiences in the accommodation. Making friends with other guests based on this respectful relationship is the unique experience that you can have only at a guesthouse.

    Exterior of the Park Guesthouse

    The statue of Pengsoo, a popular penguin character, creates a great spot for photos.

    The guesthouse is only about 200 meters from Gwangalli Beach, located in vicinity of the Millak Fresh Fish Street and Food Stall Street as well. Not far from Gwangan Station on the Busan Subway Line, the accommodation also provides high accessibility to all parts of Busan. Nearby tourist destinations recommended for visiting include Centum City and Haeundae Beach to the east, Seomyeon, Jagalchi Market, and Nampo-dong to the west and city center.

    The Park Guesthouse

    • Address: 4F, 151, Gwangnam-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan
    • Tel.: +82-10-5822-3755
    • Website: thecomfyhouse.co.kr
    • Room Prices: Vary (send inquiry to the guesthouse), Parking available

    Nearby Tourist Destination

    Gwangalli Beach

    • Gwangalli Beach, a rising mecca of water activities

      The biggest advantage of the Park Guesthouse is its location nearby Gwangalli Beach. Gwangalli Beach changes from day to day with new restaurants and cafes being built along the beach and also evolving into an experiential beach where people can enjoy surfing and other water activities. The beach leads to the Millak Waterside Park, which is another great spot from which to see the nightscape of Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

    • Location: 219, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan-si
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