• [KQ-chelin] Premium accommodation for petfams: Bandi Village in Gapyeong

        • 06/03/2022


  • What is the KQ-chelin Guide?

    A special corner which recommends selected accommodations
    which have obtained the Korea Tourism Quality Certification mark offering a fun and memorable experience simply by spending a night there. 
    The accommodations are selected based on the following 4 themes :
    healing stay in nature, comfortable stay with pets, perfect for families, and workcation recommended spot.

    According to the Korea Rural Economic Institute,
    the size of the pet market in Korea increased to KRW 3.4 trillion in 2021
    and is expected to grow even bigger to KRW 6 trillion by 2027.
    That is to say, more people are not only taking on companion animals
    but also opening their wallets to ensure their pets’ quality of life.

    Of course, Korean tourism hasn’t turned a blind eye to the rise of these petfams (pets + families).
    After all, when visitors take the comfort of their pets into consideration,
    there is a greater need for accommodations that offer a relaxing stay for the pets as well.

    That’s why we strove to choose the best accommodation for those wishing to travel with their precious companions
    —Bandi Village in Gapyeong,a Korea Quality–Certified accommodation blessed
    with accessibility, convenience, and beautiful nature for both humans and animals.

    A small paradise for me and my dog in Gapyeong’s green mountains and forests

    Bandi Village is comfortably nestled in the green mountains of Gapyeong.
    Its two buildings, divided into six rooms of Annie and Bruno, Bob and Miki, and Coco and Tommy, truly feel like a cozy “village.”
    There’s even a creek in front of the complex, offering an ideal place for a walk with your pets in the fresh air.

    A common exercise area can be used for simple outdoor training or playing with your pets with toys.
    Various animal figurines, spring flowers, and pet toys are placed throughout,
    and there are even parasols to provide shade for you and your pet.
    Offering both fun and rest, this exercise area offers the most satisfaction with Bandi Village guests.

    One notices the Korea Quality plaques everywhere,
    from the café entrance which serves as the check-in counter to various areas across the complex.
    These signs suggest not only the hotel’s pride in earning the coveted certification
    but also their will to continue providing top services to meet the standards that testify to the Korea Quality.

    In fact, that desire for excellence could be felt in the quality of services offered by the management.
    From the attentive service given to guests to free products and emergency medication for pets,
    Bandi Village provides excellent services for both people and animals.

    Clearly, the management thought twice about each facet of the guest experience,
    once from the perspective of people and once from that of the animal companions.
    How, then, would a day in Bandi Village look like? We took a look at two rooms offered by Bandi Village.

    A fairytale on the outside, a dream inside: Annie and Bruno


    The rooms Annie and Bruno are housed in a handsome building with a sharp, pointed roof,appearing as if straight out of a fairytale.
    Its two-story construction and high roof help enhance the spacious feel of its interior.

    The dynamic interior design is more than enough to capture the pets’ curiosity and invite them to explore the space inside. 

    Of course, one cannot leave out the plush amenities in discussion.
    A modern and chic kitchen houses a coffee machine and toaster from well-known brands, and the toiletries likewise are of the highest quality.


    There are plenty of amenities for pets as well, from welcome snacks to potty pads,
    manner belts, emergency medication, and even a dedicated towel.
    An indoor bath and drying room are also available for a refreshing bath after a walk.

    When climbing the stairs to the second floor, one finds a bedroom geared to provide maximum comfort for you and your pet.
    Next to the premium bed for humans is a small house for pets,
    reflecting the attention to detail with which Bandi Village furnishes its space for its guests. 

    A spacious stay in the green nature of Gapyeong: Bob and Miki

    The building that houses Bob and Miki is located at the highest hill in the complex, offering the best view of Gapyeong’s blue skies and the mountains. The mountain view by the window wall is certainly a beauty to behold, but what’s not to be missed is the interior design that maximizes the charm of this two-story space. One finds the same pet bath and drying room from Annie and Bruno here.

    All rooms are equipped with balconies and swimming pools, which offer cool relief in warm weather.
    What sets Bob and Miki apart from the other rooms is their wonderful view from the balcony,a striking backdrop to enjoy a dip against.
    The well-equipped kitchen is certainly a nice area to enjoy a meal,
    but the outdoor barbecue area, furnished on the balcony for all rooms, makes for a perfect party spot.

    The bedroom on the second floor is divided into two rooms, which offer quality comfort and a breathtaking mountain view beyond the curtains.
    The soft lighting, handsome curtains, and wooden interior seem to wash away the tension from one’s body.
    Pet houses are also offered in Bob and Miki, so there’s no need to worry about your furry friend’s comfort.

    Completing your trip with a caring gesture for your pets: Caf
    é and fitness center

    For those who prefer peace and quiet, there’s also a space in the complex that caters to such preferences :
    the fitness center, which has pet exercise equipment and an outdoor fountain, and the café,
    which serves breakfast and tea. Watch your playful pups run on the exercise machine, or enjoy a peaceful cup of tea with them.

    Don’t miss the green mountains and valleys in Gapyeong—they are lovely when visited in person.
    The sound of clear water and birdsong, the leaves dancing in the wind,
    and the sun filtering through the canopy will help you make another precious memory with your pets.

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