• [Donghae] Donganjae, a Hanok in Donghae: My Children’s First Hanok Experience

        • 10/06/2022


  • “I’m relieved that the East Sea is there.”
    It is a thought that always comes to my mind when the summer vacation season comes along.
    This is because there are no summer resorts as good as the East Sea that constantly welcome anyone,
    including city dwellers, who have endured the hectic daily life and exceptionally hot and fickle weather with open arms.
    The East Sea is a place that suits the title of “safe resort.”
    At Mangsang Beach, which represents the East Sea,
    it was impressive that safety guards constantly managed and supervised vacationers’ safety.
    In addition, it is an accessible tourism destination where families with young children can stay comfortably,
    and at the same time, you can easily find safe accommodations that have received the Korea Quality (KQ) certification mark.


    How about choosing a hanok (traditional Korean house) as a place to make special memories with your children this summer?
    Let me introduce Donganjae, a KQ-certified accommodation that presents both comfort
    and romance in harmony with tradition and modernity.


    A Place Full of Comfort and a Natural Pine Scent!

    My Children’s First Hanok Trip Starts Here

    Donganjae is adjacent to Mangsang Beach and has a pine trail behind it,
    so you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the mountains and sea.
    The elegant exterior of the traditional hanok has been well-preserved,
    and the interior is filled with modern facilities to eliminate any inconveniences for guests.
    It is always kept neat and tidy from the yard to the promenade, exuding a unique, comfortable atmosphere wherever you look.
    The management team’s efforts to best convey the romantic mood
    of a hanok accommodation can be felt in the small ornaments placed everywhere.

    Small children especially will feel that the accommodation is like a playground from the moment they enter the yard.
    This is because traditional tools for play, such as traditional musical instruments
    and tuho (arrow-throwing), are hidden in various locations, as if taking part in hide and seek.
    In addition, the central fountain, where you can enjoy a footbath while soaking your feet in cool water, is shaped like a toad,
    and the lighting placed on the elaborate lawn
    in the front yard is decorated in the shape of a mushroom;
    it’s fun to explore and observe everything down to the smallest detail.

    A Single Hanok House Where You Can Feel Touched during Your Stay

    I went into the accommodation of the single house where the scent of wood was softly wafting.
    Not a single lighting fixture or accessory was carelessly furnished,
    and everything, from the tableware to home appliances, was fully equipped with the latest style.
    Another advantage is that fly nets and whole glass windows can be opened and closed according to your preferences,
    so you can always enjoy the beautiful scenery of the front yard.
    The front yard’s scenery, where a panoramic view of the accommodation
    blending with the pine grove spreads out like a painting, is the pride of Donganjae.
    An accommodation that is comfortable and beautiful enough to become the scenery itself is a rare find.

    The space is equipped with a soft bed, a neatly organized kitchen, a modern bathroom that is always kept clean,
    and an interior that is not lacking one bit for both children and adults to stay in.
    There is sufficient space to sit in the living room, watch television,
    share a cup of brewed tea, and catch up on conversation with family members.

    How about spending your family’s summer vacation sitting quietly on the floor,
    having a bite of some watermelon, and watching the fish-shaped wind chime hanging from the roof?
    A day at Donganjae, where you can get away from the city’s hustle and bustle
    and give your children the gift of tranquility and placidity,
    may turn out to be the most precious day this summer.

    Mangsang Beach

    A Place to Let Go of Worrisome Thoughts

    Mangsang Beach has been selected as an “accessible tourism destination”
    because it can be enjoyed by everyone, including men and women,
    the old and young, and people with and without disabilities.
    There is always a good reason as to why so many tourists steadily visit the beach every vacation season.
    As there is a dense pine grove nearby and you can enjoy the East Sea’s clear waters in shallow areas,
    it is truly a national tourist destination where you can enjoy walking and playing in it at the same time.
    Pleasant amenities, such as parking lots, showers, public restrooms,
    and campsites are also provided, so all you have to do is enjoy your time at the beach.

    It is also a major advantage that rescuers and safety guards are always on duty.
    This is because families with infants and toddlers can quickly request help in the event of an unexpected safety accident.
    In addition, amenities for infants and toddlers such as diaper changing tables are also available,
    as well as strollers, available for rent, so parents can enjoy a pleasant vacation.

    It is also an ideal place for people with disabilities to enjoy playing in the cool water,
    because amenities such as wheelchair rentals, ramps for convenient movement,
    and Braille signs, in addition to parking lots for people with disabilities are meticulously prepared.
    It is thought that Mangsang Beach, where everyone unites and creates pleasant memories,
    is a truly accessible tourism destination that lives up to its name of ‘letting go of worrisome thoughts’.

    Chogu Ttungdwaeji Garden

    A Place for the Perfect Family Barbeque Time,
    as if visiting Grandmother’s Home in the Countryside

    Chogu Ttungdwaeji Garden stands alone in a location that is not a restaurant area.
    Much like its homey, rustic name, the store exterior exudes an easygoing,
    friendly sensibility, as if visiting a relative in the countryside.
    The store’s interior also retains the feeling of a family home, and the side dishes served are homemade.
    Let’s wrap grilled pork belly in some vegetables, dip it in rich soybean paste, and dig in.
    The country folk’s warm generosity spreads throughout your mouth.

    You don’t have to worry about whether it will suit your children’s palate.
    At the next table, a baby who has just learned a few words shouts
    “Kkogi, kkogi (meaning meat)” over and over again,
    absorbed in a delicious meal with his or her parents.

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