• Tapgol Park (탑골공원)

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    Tapgol Park is the first modern park in Seoul. Having been the site of the Buddhist temple of Wongaksa Temple since 1467, the land was turned into a park in 1897. The park has a significant presence in Korean history, being the place where the March 1 Independence Movement began in 1919. One can find historical sites that hearken back to the struggle, such as the Palgakjeong Pavilion, the center of the movement; cultural heritage sites such as the Ten-story Stone Pagoda of Wongaksa Temple Site and the Stele for the Construction of Daewongaksa Temple at Wongaksa Temple Site; and monuments such as the independence movement relief plate, murals, the statue of Son Byeong-hee, and the statue of Han Yong-un.

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