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  • Your Reliable Transport Partner

    Transportation is one of the key factors that impact your travel quality. Reviewing your transportation options and booking your ride ahead of time is a great way to save yourself from unnecessary stress during your travels. Among the many transportation options, ride-hailing apps are excellent for those who prefer to move around more freely and save time. See below for the most reliable and tourist-friendly ride-hailing apps available in Korea.


    1. The most widely used ride-hailing service, Kakao T

    【 Screenshots of Kakao T app (Credit: Kakao Mobility) 】
    • Summary│ A multilingual taxi app for anyone with a Kakao account.

    • Description │ Kakao T is the most widely used taxi app by Koreans and tourists alike. The app offers a variety of vehicle options ranging from regular sedans to mini vans as well as service options like luxury taxis. Kakao T service is available wherever you are in Korea, including Jeju Island. The app provides the driver name and plate number information for passenger safety.

    • To use Kakao T, you must first make a Kakao account through Kakao Talk, a Korean messenger app. You can use your local mobile number to sign up. After making your Kakao account, download and install Kakao T on your mobile device to call a taxi. You can pay by cash, credit card, or Tmoney card to the driver directly. Recently, Kakao Mobility launched K.ride, a foreigner-exclusive taxi app, which doesn’t require you to sign up for Kakao Talk. K.ride also allows you to register your credit card on the app for a convenient mobile transaction.

    • Instructions │ Download and open Kakao T app → Enter pick-up location and destination → Select taxi type (*Regular/Deluxe/Blue/Venti/Black) → Select “Pay to the driver” as payment option and confirm request → Wait for taxi dispatch message
    * Regular – call a taxi within vicinity / Deluxe – call a deluxe taxi within vicinity / Blue – call a taxi immediately / Venti – call a mini-van taxi for more than 4 passengers / Black – a luxury-vehicle premium taxi

    * Base fare varies by taxi type

    • Available languages │ Korean, English, Japanese

    • Download │ Android, iOS

    2. A convenient rental car service, SOCAR

    【 Socar offers a wide range of vehicle options (Credit: SOCAR) 】
    • Summary │ A convenient and flexible 24/7 rental car service

    • Description│ SOCAR is the most popular rental car provider in Korea. It offers flexible rental options starting from 30 minutes and an app that is easy to use. To use SOCAR, you must have had a Korean driver’s license for at least one year. If your Korean license doesn’t meet the one-year requirement, if applicable, your driving experience in Korea under an international driver’s license can be used to meet the criteria.     
      The SOCAR app functions as a smart-key, so you don’t need to pick up any physical key to find and unlock the vehicle parked at the designated lot. If there’s no “SOCAR zone” (a designated SOCAR parking lot) nearby, you can pay extra and use the “Calling service” to have the car be brought to the parking lot closest to your location at a specific time. Users are advised to keep the rented vehicle clean as SOCAR has a penalty policy and charges customers for smoking in the car, failure to return the vehicle in time, damaging the car, and other rules cited in the contract to maintain cleanliness and quality service.

    • Instructions │ Download and open SOCAR app → Select [Customer Center] at bottom of the screen → Select [Submit & Request] → [Fill in Application] → [Submit License Permit] → Attach file and select [Register] → Select rental hours → Select vehicle type and location → Browse and choose from available vehicles → Return in time after use

    • Available language │ Korean

    • Download │ Android, iOS

    3. A safe and convenient car-hailing service, TADA

    【TADA advertisement (Credit: TADA)】
    • Summary │ Enjoy the benefits of convenient services, TADA

    • Description │ TADA offers two main services: immediate pick-up and booking a ride. Immediate pick-up is available in LITE, NEXT, and PLUS options, with the most popular being NEXT, which allows a maximum of five passengers to enjoy the benefit of free Wi-Fi, smartphone charger, and air purifier inside the vehicle. Also, TADA can control the vehicle’s volume levels, lighting, and temperature upon request.     
      If you opt to book a ride, you can choose between TADA Private and TADA Air. Similar to a chauffeur service, TADA Private is an excellent option for business trips as you’ll have a personal driver take you to wherever you need in a luxury sedan or van. TADA Air is an airport pick-up and drop-off service and the most widely used TADA service by locals. TADA is also convenient for tourists as it accepts international mobile number for app sign up and credit card for payment.

    • Instructions │ Download and open TADA app → Select payment method → Enter destination → Choose TADA option (LITE/NEXT/PLUS) → Call a ride

    • Available Languages │ Korean, English

    • Download│ Android, iOS

    4. Foreigner-exclusive ride-hailing app, TABA

    【 TABA advertisement (Credit: Seoul Metropolitan Government Tourism Business Division) 】
    • Summary │ A ride-hailing app complete with up-to-date Seoul travel information

    • Description │ If you are going to venture in Seoul, TABA maybe just what you need. TABA is a ride-hailing app made for international tourists with support from the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The app provides information on over 200 recommended attractions in Seoul. Browse the travel information on the app and select “Call taxi now” at the bottom of the screen for a ride to your selected destination.     
      TABA is easy to use as all you need is your mobile number to sign up. The app also gives an estimate of the taxi fare based on distance and real-time traffic situation to your destination. You can choose the route you want to take among options like recommended route, shortest in distance, and toll-free roads as well as taxi types.

    • Instructions │ Download and open TABA app → Sign up and verify your number → Enter destination → Check route and fare, choose taxi type (Sedan/Van/Deluxe) → Pay the driver with your card

    • Available Languages │ English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai

    • Download │ Android, iOS

    5. Enjoy privacy with a personal driver, MOVV

    【 Traveler using the MOVV app (Credit: MOVV) 】
    • Summary │ A ride-hailing minivan service with a personal driver

    • Description│ Renting a car is always the better option over public transportation if you are traveling together in a group or have loads of luggage, especially if you plan on moving around all day. But what if you don’t have a driver’s license or can’t rent a van? Then MOVV is just the service for you. With MOVV, you can travel in a group of four to ten people in a minivan operated by a personal driver. The van can load up to ten 24-inch carrier bags.     
      MOVV offers diverse options catered to traveler’s needs from airport transfer to adding a stop on the way. MOVV is especially convenient for international travelers as all you need is your credit card to book a ride and has an auto-translation live chat system allowing passengers to communicate with the driver or the MOVV customer center effortlessly.

    • Instructions │ Download and open MOVV app, make account → Select service type (Airport/Golf/Tour/Business/KTX+) → Enter destination → Enter customer information (Flight information, etc.) → Proceed with payment

    • Available Languages │ Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese

    • Download │ Android, iOS
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    Event period: ~June 30, 2024     
    Coupon expiration date (based on service date): ~July 31, 2024     
    Coupon instructions:

    • 1. Sign up or log in as a member through the MOVV app or website
    • 2. Redeem coupon from “Voucher Box”
    • 3. Apply coupon during the payment process

    Inquiries: +82-1877-2025

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