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        • 07/11/2023

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        • Hwaseong Fortress

  • Cultural and artistic market blended with historical sites


    [Suwon Nammun Market]



     Just as Sungnyemun in Seoul is also called Namdaemun Gate (big gate at the south), Paldalmun Gate in Suwon is called Nammun Gate (gate at the south). It is the largest and most colorful of the four gates of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. All The nine markets along the boulevard here are collectively called Nammun Market. They include Gucheon-dong Tool Market dealing with tools; Nammun Rodeo Market for daily pastime activities; Nammun Fashion 1st Street Market which may awaken your passion for fashion; Motgol Market offering a variety of daily necessities; Minari Market packed with stalls offering spicy delicious foods; Simin Store Market selling a variety of clothing; Yeongdong Market housing hanbok stores and linen shops; Jidong Market proud to offer authentic sundae (Korean sausage); and Paldalmun Market, which was built by the order of the King Jeongjo 220 years ago.            




     Asked which one to go to out of these markets, nine out of ten locals would say Nammun Rodeo Market. It was once the busiest street in Suwon like Apgujeong Rodeo in Seoul. Once full of fashion and entertainment for young people, the market is now in the process of transforming itself into a venue where tradition meets modernity. At the outdoor youth concert hall connected to Paldalsan fortress wall, young artists hold various performance concerts, and the local artist flea market events boost the local community. The Nammun Rodeo Art Hall, where concerts and plays are performed, and the Rodeo Street Gallery, which exhibits the creations of local artists, are also cultural spots that you should not miss. They are now growing into a cultural venue offering opportunities to experience tradition and art.          


    Address: 88, Haenggung-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do        
    Operating hours: Varies by shop        
    Closed: Varies by shop        
    Just 7 minutes away from Paldalmun Bus Stop. It takes 32 minutes on foot from the Suwon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1)        


    【Top 3 Eateries at Nammun Rodeo Market】


    ⓒKorea Tourism Contents Lab


    Sundae Town      
    Jidong Market Sundae Town is one of the top three Sundae alleys in Korea along with Sillim-dong in Seoul and Jungang Market in Anyang. Soft and chewy sundae (Korean sausage) topped with chewy gopchang (intestine) and fresh vegetables is served with the original red pepper paste dipping.


    Freshwater Snail Ssambap      
    You can have the best set menu with vegetable wraps and rice here. The dish comes with freshwater snails grown in Songhyeon Farm, Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. The chewy snail is a perfect match with the soybean paste. You will be shocked to see you finished one bowl of rice in the blink of an eye.


    Suwon Tongdak (Whole Fried Chicken)       
    "There has never been a taste like this before. Is this galbi or chicken?" Suwon Tongdak (Whole Fried Chicken) Alley grew even more popular after the movie "Extreme Job" was released. In addition to Wanggalbi Tongdak and the chicken fried in a cauldron as depicted in the film, there are also exotic chicken dishes available such as creamy fondue chicken and crispy tandoori chicken, so try some of them to find your favorite.



    【Places to Visit】


    Hwaseong Haenggung Palace      
     This was a temporary residence used by King Jeongjo, the 22nd king of the Joseon dynasty, whenever he came down to Hyeonryungwon, where his father, Crown Prince Sado, was buried. King Jeongjo visited this palace 13 times during his 12 year-reign and held a large celebration here to commemorate his mother's 60th birthday. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its magnificent beauty. This site of historical significance offers a complimentary guided tour. From May 3 to October 29, the Moonlight Hwadam, the night opening of Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, is available from Wednesday to Sunday.

    Address: 825, Jeongjo-ro, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do      
    Operating hours: Winter 09:00-17:00 / Summer 09:00-18:00      
    Closed: N/A (open all year round)      


    Haenggung-dong Workshop Street    
     From Hwaseong Haenggung Palace to Paldalmun Gate, there are nearly 30 small workshops lined up along Haenggung-ro. Many of them sell unique handmade items. No wonder this area is called the Insa-dong of Suwon. Various products such as accessories, ceramics, woodcraft works, leather, jewelry boxes, dolls, pressed flowers, miniatures, and patchwork wrapping-cloths await new owners. Most workshops operate interesting programs in which you can make your own masterpieces such as a sotdae (tall wooden pole), necklace, mug cup, wind chime or bracelet engraved with your initials. It is highly recommended to join one of them if you are not in a hurry.

    Address: Namchang-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do    
    Operating hours: Varies by shop    
    Closed: Varies by shop



    Jidong Mural Village  
     You may recall the alley in the K-pop drama "Our Beloved Summer (2021)," where the main character Yeon-soo's house was located. That is Suwon’s Jidong Mural Village. There are many ways to get there. The easiest one is to go straight down along the fortress road from Suwon Hwaseong Fortress after passing through  Changryongmun Gate. Murals made in one of seven themes are painted in every corner of the 6 km-long alley, so just take a walk enjoying the paintings. Want to see the house of Yeon-soo? First, find Jidong Supermarket, and then take the alley on the left. Go straight from there to find the house on your right at the forked road. You may take a photo in front of the well-known green gate of the house and in front of the rainbow mural across from it.

    Address: 301-69 Ji-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do


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