• Great Restaurants to Visit After a History Tour

        • 04/12/2024


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  • Food Tours in Songpa, Seoul

    Great Restaurants to Visit
    After a History Tour

    Locality of Ancient Tombs in Seokchon-dong

    Songpa-gu was the capital of Baekje for 493 years. In particular, Seokchon-dong is unique for combining residences, parks, and restaurants with Baekje's historical sites. The Songpa Cultural Heritage Night Tour, a cultural heritage festival held in June, is a great time to experience food, history, and culture.

    Must-visit attractions
    Ancient Tombs in Seokchon-dong

    The tombs of kings and nobles were built when Seoul (Wirye) was the capital of Baekje. The remaining four stone mound tombs, which are stacked like a pyramid, are of high historical value. It is a lovely place to spend time strolling around since there is a pine trail with many benches built around the tombs.

    Best Restaurants to Visit

    Freshly made buckwheat noodles on order

    Bongpyeong Sprouted
    Buckwheat Noodles | Korean Food
    • 3 Baekjegobun-ro 39-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • +82-2-412-1970
    • 10:30-21:30 (Last Order: 21:00)
    • Open All Week Long
    • Spicy Buckwheat Noodles, Cold Buckwheat Noodles

    Simple spicy noodle soup with a rich flavor

    Jangkaljib | Korean Food
    • 3 Garak-ro 6-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • +82-2-420-7935
    • 11:00-15:00
    • Closed Sundays
    • Spicy Noodle Soup, Noodle Soup with Perilla Seeds

    A perfect combination of cold buckwheat noodles and charcoal-grilled pork

    Seokchon Buckwheat Noodles | Korean Food
    • 6 Baekjegobun-ro 37-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • +82-2-421-3234
    • 09:30-20:30
    • Open All Week Long
    • Cold Buckwheat Noodles + Charcoal-grilled Pork, Spicy Buckwheat Noodles + Charcoal-grilled Pork

    A great place to enjoy healthy desserts made of quality ingredients and season fruits

    half pound | Café & Desserts
    • 2F, 10 Baekjegobun-ro 33-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • 11:00-19:00 (Last Order: 18:30, Closes early when desserts run out)
    • Closed Sundays and Mondays
    • Cheesecake, Victoria Cake

    Soft duck meat dipped in special sauce will perk you up

    Bultaneun Spicy Stir-fried
    Marinated Duck (Songpanaru Branch) | Korean Food
    • 15 Seokchonhosu-ro 18-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • +82-2-420-0890
    • Mon-Sat 17:00-23:00, Sun 17:00-22:00
    • Open All Week Long
    • Whole Duck Soup with Shingled Hedgehog, Spicy Stir-fried Marinated Duck

    Big bowls of pork backbone hangover soup with deep flavors since 1988

    Pungnyeon Pork Backbone
    Hangover Soup | Korean Food
    • 94 Garak-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • +82-2-415-0631
    • 24 hours
    • Closed Every First and Third Mondays
    • Pork Backbone Hangover Soup, Kimchi Cabbage Soup

    Salt-grilled pork galbi and grilled marinated pork galbi in one plate

    Donjokkol | Korean Food
    • 66 Samhaksa-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • +82-2-416-5252
    • 09:30-23:00 (Take-out Only After 22:00)
    • Open All Week Long
    • Salt-grilled Pork Galbi (2 Servings), Grilled Marinated Pork Galbi (2 Servings)

    Duck special cuts grilled on a stone

    Dolmari Grilled Duck | Korean Food
    • 66 Garak-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • +82-2-423-6231
    • 17:00-22:00
    • Closed Mondays
    • Grilled Duck, Whole Duck Soup with 14 Medicinal Herbs

    Unique flavor of deep-frozen Korean pork belly and neck

    Songpa Club | Korean Food
    • 51 Garak-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
    • +82-507-1309-4867
    • 17:00-23:00 (Last Order: 22:00)
    • Closed Sundays
    • Grilled Deep-Frozen Pork Belly, Grilled Deep-Frozen Pork Neck and Rinds

    * The content was written in September 2023, hence some of the details may have changed. Please check with the restaurants before visiting.

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