• The most beautiful road

        • 09/14/2023


  • The most beautiful road

    The most beautiful road

    Oct. 19 - Oct. 22, 2023
    Hanye Theater
    Age Limit
    Ages 13 and up
    Running Time
    90 mins


    This work was written within the frameworks of absurd theater and post-drama theater. As there is no predetermined information about the characters in the play, each audience member is free to find their own meaning in the performance, which is uniquely created with every viewing, allowing for a rich play of imagination.
    Kkakka and Ttotto stroll along the railway tracks. During their aimless journey, Kkakka and Ttotto are briefly accompanied by other characters, including a child, an elderly person, an average young adult, a homosexual, and a religious person. The presence of these characters seems radical, illogical, and somewhat meaningless, almost akin to figures in a dream. In the final scene of the play, despite the explicit announcement of an approaching train on the railway tracks, Kkakka and Ttotto choose to acknowledge the train's presence but continue walking silently along the tracks. In a manner reminiscent of preparing to awaken from a prolonged dream, Kkakka and Ttotto seem to accept the realization that everything they experienced was merely a product of their dreaming minds. Alternatively, it can be interpreted as if they are accepting the moment of their own mortality, embracing the inevitability of death.

    The most beautiful road The most beautiful road

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