• Prison - Seoul

        • 04/18/2023


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  • Prison - Seoul

    Prison - Seoul

    05.01.2021 ~ 12.31.2023
    H Theater
    Subtitles Provided
    Age Limit
    Age 7 and older
    Running Time
    100 min
    Date & Time
    Wed., Thu., Fri 16:00, 19:30
    Sat., Sun. 14:00, 17:00

    Performance Characteristics

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    A hilarious show turning audiences into actors

    If you like rock music, then check this out. Produced by Jung Chan-woo of Cultwo, a famous comedy duo, rock musical Prison marks its 10th anniversary this year with the beginning of its third season. The lights and staging have become more impressive from last year, and the show itself keeps getting more entertaining.
    Axel, Tommy, and Brian, who once dreamt of becoming rock singers, get scammed one day. The three then robbed a bank but soon got imprisoned. After escaping, they went to the bank where they hid their money, only to find the bank replaced by a club. Can they find their money without problems?
    The most beautiful part of Prison is communication with the audience. Performers leave the stage to draw out reactions from the audience and have them participate, such as by casting someone as the first love, or showing members on-screen, like in kiss cams at baseball stadiums. With fewer language barriers, even foreigners can enjoy the show.

    Prison - Seoul
    Prison - Seoul

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