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    07.18.2017 ~ Open run
    Asgard Theater
    Subtitles Provided
    Age Limit
    Age 13 and older
    Running Time
    90 min
    Date & Time
    Mon.–Fri. 15:00, 17:30 Sat.–Sun. 13:30, 15:40, 17:50 and 20:00

    Performance Characteristics

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    Cli-ck, Sounds in the Darkness

     The darker it gets, the more acute our senses become. Our senses of touch, hearing, and smell get much better. Switch is the play you’re looking for if you want to know how sharp your senses can get. You don’t have to be terrified during the entire show like your usual plays either. It’s a tightly plotted thriller with expert directors and staff, and it also gets you laughing with comic elements between scenes.

     Ko Yeon-chul is a director famous for his innovative rewriting of the theatrical world’s history. He works day and night with the actors to concoct another jackpot in a row with his new 11th playㅡ“Romeo and Juliet.” Main characters Lee Dal-su and Park Ji-he and costar Lee Yu-ri practice in the new rented theater. They keep on practicing ’til late at night when they see a ghost. The actors tell Yeon-chul about this terrifying event, but he pretends that nothing happened. This makes Ji-he suspicious, and she starts a secret investigation where she finds out that actors who appeared in the director’s work either fainted one by one or died. And she instinctively realizes that Yeon-chul’s suspicious behavior has something to do with the continuing box office success. Meanwhile, monstrous sounds and sudden shadows fill the theater. What secrets are hidden here?

     The switch goes on with an ominous “cliㅡck” sound. Then, your whole body tingles as if some invisible spirit nearby reached out to you, not to mention the waterdrops falling from the ceiling. The fantastic performance is a four-dimensional design, so don’t sit in the middle because you can’t hide from the terror. And don’t miss the plot twist—it will be something you’ll never expect!

    Monthly Performance Issue

    Monthly Performance Issue

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