• <22 Years and 2 Months> Until I Meet You

        • 09/14/2023


  • 22 Years and 2 Months Until I Meet You

    <22 Years and 2 Months> Until I Meet You

    Aug. 31 - Nov. 5, 2023
    Link Art Center, Bugs Hall
    Age Limit
    Ages 10 and up
    Running Time
    140 mins (Intermission 15 mins)


    1926, Tokyo. A peculiar photograph that sent shockwaves throughout Japan.
    There was an unusual scene captured in the photo: a man sitting in a chair, his chin resting on his hand, while a woman leaned against him reading a book. Both wore serene expressions. The photo depicted two undercover criminals who were secretly plotting the assassination of the Emperor of Japan. It was taken within the confines of a prison.
    The man in the photograph is Park Yeol, a poet and independence activist from Joseon. Additionally, in the photo, there is Kaneko Fumiko, Park Yeol's Japanese wife who supported him, as well as Fuse Datsuzi, the Japanese lawyer who tirelessly proclaimed their innocence until the very end. The photo was taken by Datemasu, the Japanese prosecutor who acknowledged the love between Park Yeol and Kaneko Fumiko, and captured this moment.
    One can only speculate about the fate that befell these four seemingly mismatched individuals.
    The hidden, untold story behind these individuals reveals what made them so courageous even in the face of death.

    22 Years and 2 Months Until I Meet You 22 Years and 2 Months Until I Meet You

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