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        • 03/31/2023

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  • Glamping

    【 Photo of glamping 】

    Boasting a stunning natural environment featuring beautiful mountains and surrounded by three seas, Korea is a great country for camping. Camping can be enjoyed almost anywhere from downtown Seoul to remote islands and deep in the mountains. However, foreign travelers may find it difficult to prepare the right camping equipment, which is why a glamping ground with everything you need for camping is a perfect choice! We invite you to the world of glamping and a special night in the magnificent grand nature of Korea.

    【 Photo of glamping 】
    ▶ Glamping by Style
    • - Glamping on the Hangang River in Seoul: The Hangang River is one of the most popular attractions in Seoul for foreign travelers. But did you know that you can camp by the river? Nanji Campground  is the most famous riverside camping site. In addition to a typical campground where you bring your own equipment, there is also a glamping site with everything you need for camping. There is also a convenience store that sells camping essentials such as ramen, meat and charcoal so you don't need to bring a thing to enjoy camping by the Hangang River.
    • - Glamping in national parks: You can also enjoy camping in national parks surrounded by beautiful Mother Nature. A number of national parks  around the country operate campgrounds, and some sites such as Naewon Campground in Jirisan National Park and Samga Campground in Sobaeksan National Park that operate camping zones fully equipped with camping gear.
    • - Glamping in luxury hotels: If you want the excitement of camping and the convenience of a hotel, try a hotel glamping program. Several hotels including The Shilla Jeju , Kensington Hotel Pyeongchang  and Grand Walkerhill Seoul  offer glamping programs. After experiencing camping at the glamping ground located outside the hotel building, you can return to your hotel room for a comfortable night’s sleep.
    • - Glamping in caravans: There are many places in Korea where stationary caravans are set up in glamping sites. This allows you to experience a camping car trip without having to actually travel in a camping car. Enjoy sentimental camping at a caravan glamping ground gorgeously decorated in a scenic area.

    【 Photo of glamping 】
    ▶ Things to Note When Glamping 
    • - Equipment check and make preparations in advance. You should check in advance what items and equipment are provided at the campground. For essential items such as cell phone chargers and hairdryers, it is recommended to check if they are provided. 
    • - Show good camping manners. In addition to basic campground etiquette such as noise restrictions (no loud noise after 10 PM) and using public facilities in a clean fashion, each campground may have its own list of etiquette and precautions you need to be aware of. Since many of those who come for glamping are first-time campers, everyone needs to be more considerate of others.
    • - Fire and burn precautions. There is risk of fire and burns when you barbecue. If you are a first-time camper, make sure to seek help from a camping professional.
    ▶ Websites for Reference When Preparing for a Glamping Trip
    • - National park campground booking website(English): This website comprehensively introduces campgrounds located in national parks around the country. On this site you can search for places that operate fully-equipped camping zones.
    • - Go Camping(Korean): Camping information website run by the Korea Tourism Organization. On this site there are countless glamping sites listed nationwide. In addition to the Korean website, the site operates Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other channels allowing viewers to utilize their most frequented platform.

    This page was last updated in March 2023, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here.   
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