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        • 03/31/2023

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  • Hanok Stay

    【Photo: Hanok stay, Illuwayu Dalboru】 

    Deeply savor the charms of K-culture by staying overnight in a hanok, a traditional Korean house. With its emphasis on the beauty of nature and blank spaces, a hanok is a great place to enjoy the aesthetics of slowness. A typical hanok features wooden structures with a yard in the front. The view from any door or window provides a clear view of the front yard, so hanok houses have the perfect structure for relaxing with nature from the comfort of a room. Visitors will experience healing just by being in a hanok. There are many different shapes and kinds of hanok ranging from more traditional styles or those reinterpreted with a contemporary taste to large houses in the countryside or small ones in the city. Some hanok stay accommodations offer traditional experience programs such as a tea ceremony and cooking class. Hanok is originally based on a sedentary lifestyle but many modern hanok are equipped with various amenities including beds for a more comfortable experience.

    【Photo: Hanok stay, Historic House of Saun】 

    Great places to enjoy hanok stay

    Great places to enjoy hanok stay Fascinatingly, this village is located in the downtown of a global metropolitan city, Seoul. In this village, there are hanok houses creating a rich, antique atmosphere. Among the houses, some offer hanok stay such as Bukchon Binkwan, a hanok accommodation experience facility, and Rakkojae, a hanok hotel.  

    Jeonju Hanok Village This village is considered as the nation’s largest traditional hanok village. A combination of traditional hanok and trendy streets make the village a famous tourist attraction in Korea. There are many hanok stay accommodations for visitors to stay the night at the hanok village to fully enjoy the tranquil beauty of hanok and the excitement of a popular tourist city.   

    Hwangnidan-gil, Gyeongju Gyeongju is known as a “roofless museum” thanks to its countless cultural properties scattered throughout the city. In particular, Hwangnidan-gil is Gyeongju’s most visited area that also has many hanok stay accommodations. Immerse in the beauty of the street and hanok stay experience where the traditional and modernity are in harmony.

    【Photo: Stone wall at Gotaek Hanogeseo, a hanok stay in Samjinae Village in Damyang Changpyeong Slow City】 

    【Photo: Interior of hanok stay, House of Hanogeseo】 

    Notes for hanok stay

    Many hanok houses use mats and blankets on the floor for sleeping instead of beds. If you prefer beds, look for a hanok stay that offer rooms with a bed.
    Due to the nature of hanok houses, some may not be equipped with modern convenience facilities. Before making your reservation, check the facilities and select a hanok stay accommodation depending on your preferences.
    Hanok is built out of wood so be especially careful of fire.
    Some hanok stay buildings are designated as cultural properties so be careful not to cause damage.

    【Photo: Exterior of hanok stay, Goseonjae】 

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