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  • A Korean-style spa that combines European spa experiences with Korean jjimjilbang (sauna): Paradise City CIMER

    What do you get when you combine the idea of a Korean sauna with a European spa? The answer can be found in Paradise City CIMER. From bathing indoors to watching the sunset at the outdoor pool and sweating in saunas, you can get everything you want in a spa at Paradise City CIMER. This K-style spa experience will deliver a completely different level of rest for you.

    CIMER is a portmanteau of “ciel”, French for sky, and “mer”, French for sea. Indeed, Paradise City CIMER stays true to that name. Go into the pool and let yourself drift between the sky and the sea in paradise. The space, equivalent to two soccer fields in size, is divided into the Aqua Spa Zone and Jjimjil Spa Zone areas. Aqua Spa Zone, where you can enjoy bathing throughout the year, is like a luxurious spa experience from around the world condensed into one space. Jjimjil Spa Zone allows you to sweat and detoxify your body in a space made with natural materials.

    Aqua Spa Zone, a spa experience above others

    In the Aqua Spa Zone, you have to allocate your time carefully, for you can spend half a day trying out different spas in the area. If you want to start with some swimming, start at Water Plaza, the main pool of the area. Designed with the motif of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, this 1.3 m-deep pool allows you to enjoy bathing throughout the year. A beach in sunset, or verdant forest: the virtual spa is surrounded in LED screens that change every few minutes, which make it a popular spot for social media photography. If you want some thrills, head to the Aqua Loop & Tornado Slide. Slide down the water slide on a tube from a four-story-high height, and you’ll find yourself shouting out loud in no time. To let yourself cool down from the thrilling ride, head to the Cave Spa. It is a quiet space themed after European caves, where you can enjoy a relaxing stay cut off from the noise outside.

    Once you’ve had your rest indoors, it is time to head outside. After all, that’s where the highlight of the Aqua Spa Zone is, the outdoor Infinity Pool with the best view of sunset at CIMER. Head into the warm water pool and relax with the view of the crimson sky. You’ll feel like you are in a landscape painting. If you are lucky, you might catch an airplane heading to Incheon International Airport in the frame.

    This is Korean jjimjilbang: Jjimjil Spa Zone

    If you feel exhausted and don’t want to work out, going to a sauna is a good option. Jjimjil Spa Zone in Paradise City CIMER is the place to experience how Koreans do it, namely the art of jjimjilbang (sauna). Wear the rolled towel on your head, enjoy boiled eggs and Sweet Rice Punch (sikhye), and let your body sweat out your fatigue. The facility is made out of natural materials like Hoengseong oak and amethyst from North Korea, so staying in the space will clear the fatigue from your body and mind.

    There are seven sauna spaces, each oriented toward different ways of rest. The Amethyst Room helps to brighten your skin, while the Sun Tree Room recreates the forest experience with high levels of phytoncide. Bulgama helps stimulate blood circulation using negative ions from charcoal, while the Wave Dream room has a dreamy ambience.
    Paradise City CIMER also offers premium wellness programs for those who want a particularly luxurious experience. The Couple Package, for instance, includes two adult tickets, while the Family Package includes two adults and two children. These package programs offer high-end relaxation experiences with unlimited entrances to the Aqua Spa Zone, the use of Indoor Cabana, and restaurant coupons.

    Wellness Program

    There are two tickets on offer, the Aqua Spa Coupon (Comprehensive Coupon) and the Jjimjil Spa Ticket. The former is akin to a day ticket to an amusement park, where you can use all facilities within CIMER for six hours. Jjimjil Spa Ticket is ideal for those who want to focus on the Korean sauna culture. It allows you to stay for four hours in the Jjimjil Spa Zone, located on the 2nd and the 3rd floor of CIMER, to detoxify your body and mind. Note that Jjimjil Spa Zone ticket comes with free Jjimjil clothes rentals.


    ▪ Address: 186 Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
    ▪ Inquiries: +82-1833-8855, +82-32-729-7700
    ▪ Operating Hours: Normal season 10:00-21:00, peak season 10:00-22:00
    ▪ Website: www.p-city.com
    ▪ Experience Fees: Reservation on the website
    ① Aqua Spa Coupon (Comprehensive Coupon): Low Season Adult KRW 50,000, Children KRW 40,000 / Normal Season Adult KRW 60,000, Children KRW 50,000 / Peak Season Adult KRW 70,000, Children KRW 60,000
    ② Jjimjil Spa Ticket Adult KRW 30,000 / Children KRW 24,000 (throughout the year)
    ③ Premium Wellness Program: Couple Package weekdays KRW 800,000, weekends & holidays KRW 850,000 / Family Package weekdays KRW 1,200,000, weekends & holidays KRW 1,300,000
    * Children refers to those between the ages of 8 and 19, whereas those over the age of 20 will be charged as adults.

    ▪ [Subway + Bus] From Seoul Station take AREX toward Incheon International Airport and get off at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Station. Transfer to Bus No. 111 from Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 and get off at Hyatt Hotel Bus Stop. Walk for approx. 5 minutes toward Paradise City. Takes approx. 1 hour 30 minutes in total.

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    ▪ Address: 186 Yeongjonghaeannam-ro 321beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
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