• Tea Museum of Korea (한국차박물관)

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    The Tea Museum of Korea was built to preserve Korea’s tea culture and celebrate the history of Boseong tea, which dates back as far as the Baekje Era. Each of the three floors of the museum is unique and focuses on a different aspect of tea. On the first floor is the Tea Culture Hall, which explains the process of tea production through graphic panels, videos, and dioramas. The Tea History Hall on the second floor exhibits tea wares and tools from different periods in history, showcasing the evolution of tea culture over time. The third floor houses the Tea Life Hall, which is dedicated to education and hands-on experiences and gives visitors a chance to discover the tea cultures of Korea, China, Japan, and Europe as well as various tea tools from other countries. Visitors can further delve into the world of tea by visiting the Tea Making Workshop, which is equipped with facilities to make different types of green teas.

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