• Beauty Play Hongdae (뷰티플레이 홍대점)

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    Beauty Play is a K-beauty experience center operated by the Korea Cosmetics Industry Institute and supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It offers a wide variety of sample Korean beauty products for testing  as well as diverse beauty experience programs such as makeup touch-up service (choice of base, eyes, or lips), personal color test, and skin evaluation. Visitors can also ask for product recommendation based on their skin type or skincare concerns. Beauty Play also frequently hosts beauty seminars and one-day classes, which are announced online via its official website. International tourists can apply for a full makeup service with an advance reservation free of charge. 

    Beauty Play has two branches in Seoul: Myeong-dong and Hongdae. Beauty Play Hongdae is located in Hongdae Street, where visitors can find recent trends, clubs, cafes and delicious foods.

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