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      • All About The Hangang River

        • 06/20/2024


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  • Paddleboarding during a stunning sunset at the Hangang River (Credit: Instagram @lunaru_kayak)

    When the summer sun begins to heat the city, many Seoulites head to the Hangang River. Picnic mats decorate the riverside area, and people enjoy bottles of cool beer. But this is just one of many ways to enjoy this beautiful river: From picnics on the river itself to thrilling water sports, here are our top picks for things to enjoy at the Hangang River. Take your pick and make unforgettable memories with this charming river at the heart of Seoul.

    1. Paddleboarding at Ttukseom

    Enjoying paddleboarding at Lunaru Kayak & Camping (Credit: Instagram @lunaru_kayak)

    If you want something fresh and interesting, look no further! No sails, no motors, only a paddle in your hands and a river to explore―this is the charm of paddleboarding at the Hangang River. Also known as SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), this water sport is easy to learn and even easier to get into. The Hangang River’s gentle current makes it a prime destination for beginners of this sport.

    Paddleboarding during a stunning sunset at the Hangang River (Credit: Instagram @lunaru_kayak)

    Paddleboarding at the Hangang River is also known for its eminently photogenic views. Come sunset, the river is awash in hues of red, and the skyline reflecting on the river’s surface creates a dramatic spectacle like no other. If you want to grab your photo of the day in Seoul, head to the Hangang River for your supremely photogenic SUP experience. Ttukseom has many companies offering paddleboarding opportunities. It costs about 30,000 won per person. They offer equipment rentals and simple instructions as well, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own board and paddle. You can also place reservations through Klook, Trazy, and other travel platforms, or make your reservation via Instagram DM or telephone before paying onsite.

    ■ Lunaru Kayak & Camping

    • Address: 2326 Gangbyeonbuk-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 광진구 강변북로 2326 해양소년단)
    • Inquiries: +82-507-1363-2915, Instagram @lunaru_kayak
    • Operating hours: 10:00–21:00 (10:00–12:00 / 13:00–15:00 / Sunset Time)
    • * Sunset Time program hours may vary depending on the actual sunset.
    • Fees: 30,000 won per person (includes paddleboard rentals & basic instructions)

    2. Some Sevit Tubester

    Some Sevit Tubester (Credit: Instagram @tubester1)

    A riverside picnic is always a good idea, but there are ways to add a twist to your humble picnic. One way to do that is through Tubester, a picnic café floating on the Hangang River itself. Tubester is a six-seater electric boat shaped like a swim ring. At the center of the boat is a circular table and seats for your picnic. Bring your Hangang picnic favorites, like fried chicken or Hangang ramyeon, and start your party on the Hangang River. As it is located right at Some Sevit, a famous destination for nighttime views, we recommend scheduling your visit at night. You can even see the two thousand LED lights of Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, Seoul’s landmarks N Seoul Tower, and 63 Square from your boat. So head down to Some Sevit and enjoy the view of Seoul at night, shining like the distant stars, with your loved ones.

    • View of Seoul from Tubester
    • Tubesters and Some Sevit (Credit: Instagram @tubester1)

    Tubester hours differ from season to season, but mostly fall between the afternoon and midnight. The fees are somewhat pricey at 35,000 won for 30 minutes and 55,000 won for 1 hour, but this fee is per boat, so it’s a good value if you visit in groups. The boats are easy enough to operate that a short instruction session is sufficient to get you started, and user safety is guaranteed with life jackets and buoys onboard. Tubester accepts both on-site payments and online reservations through global reservation platforms like Klook, Trazy, and more.

    ■ Some Sevit Tubester

    • Address: 2085-14 Olympic-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 서초구 올림픽대로 2085-14 세빛섬 튜브스터)
    • * The ticket booth for Tubester is located at the second bridge of the Some Sevit structure.
    • * Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    • Inquiries: +82-507-1390-7090
    • Operating hours
    • March – May, October – November: Weekdays 15:00–23:00 / Weekends 13:00–23:00
    • June – September: Weekdays 16:00–24:00 / Weekends 14:00–24:00
    • * Operating hours and schedules may change according to weather conditions. Please make sure to check the website or social media channel before visiting.
    • Fees: 35,000 won for 30 min / 55,000 won for 1 hour (up to 6 passengers per boat)
    • * No time-specific reservations available
    • Website:

    3. Seoul Bike Path Route 1

    Seoulites riding along the Hangang Bike Path (Credit: Getty Images Bank)

    Cycling has become a popular activity for Seoulites. Indeed, the experience of riding along the city’s scenic river with the breeze in your face is something only those who have tried it can truly appreciate. There are numerous bicycle paths for cyclists in Seoul, but we particularly recommend Seoul Bike Path Route 1. This 4.4 km-long path starts from Pyeonghwa Park, goes through Nanji Hangang Park, and ends at Daedeok Baseball Stadium. It is relatively short for a bike path, making it ideal for travelers with time limitations. The route also includes spots where you can relax and enjoy sports, such as Nanji Beach, Metasequoia Trail, and an MTB Course, so be sure to check them out. A bike ride through the cool breeze along a well-maintained path is a great way to add some zest to your life.

    • Nanji Beach at Nanji Hangang Park (Credit: Seoul Metropolitan Government Facebook page)
    • Metasequoia Trail at Haneul Park (Credit: Getty Images Bank)

    You don’t even have to bring your own bike to the path: There is a rental shop for Ttareungi, Seoul’s public bicycle system, near the starting point at Pyeonghwa Park. Note that the path sees a large crowd on weekends, so make sure to ride safely and avoid accidents.

    ■ Seoul Bike Path Route 1

    • Starting point: 32 Jeungsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 마포구 증산로 32 평화의 공원)
    • * Ttareungi rentals are available at Exits 1 and 3 of World Cup Stadium (Seoul Subway Line 6) and Pyeonghwa Plaza
    • End point:520-68 Deogeun-dong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (경기 고양시 덕양구 덕은동 520-68 대덕야구장)

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