• K-pop Playground, an Event for Hallyu Fans!

        • 06/03/2024

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    In celebration of the 2023-2024 Visit Korea Year, K-pop Playground, a series of events focusing on K-pop and Korean culture, will take place nationwide at regional festivals from May to September. The event will host a variety of programs, including a Random Play Dance Relay featuring K-pop idols and professional dance teams, and cultural pop-up booths where you can experience K-beauty, K-food, and other K-content firsthand.   

    The first session of K-pop Playground kicked off in collaboration with the Chuncheon Mime Festival at Chuncheon Legoland on May 31. The remaining series of K-pop Playground event will take place in diverse regions such as Busan, Seoul, Daegu, Jeonju, Gyeongju, and Incheon, reaching a total of 10 sessions.   

    The K-pop Playground is anticipated to promote the charms of Korea to K-pop and K-culture fans worldwide. Make sure to mark your calendar if you’re planning to visit Korea this year!   

    ■ K-pop Playground Dates

    No.DateRegionVenueEvent/FestivalPop-up boothCast
    1May 31 (Fri)ChuncheonLegolandChuncheon Mime FestivalAvailable on-siteHolyBang, H1-KEY, Mbitious
    2June 8 (Fri)BusanAsiad Main StadiumOne Asia Festival-Hook
    3June 15 (Sat)SeoulHongdae Red RoadKorea Beauty FestivalAvailable on-siteHolyBang, Billlie, BEBE
    4July 6 (Sat)DaeguDuryu ParkChimac Festival-Ladybounce
    5July 20 (Sat)BoryeongDaecheon BeachBoryeong Mud Festival-Ladybounce
    6Aug. 3 (Sat)HaenamCivic PlazaHaenam K-pop Festival (Planned)-Mbitious
    7Aug. 17 (Sat)JeonjuJeonju Gyeonggijeon Plaza--Ladybounce
    8Aug. 31 (Sat)GyeongjuGyeongju Cultural Center 1918 Plaza--Ladybounce
    9Sept. 7 (Sat)IncheonMunhak StadiumINK ConcertAvailable on-siteHolyBang
    10Sept. 28 (Sat)SeoulGwanghwamun Square(Planned)-Available on-siteHolyBang

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