• Visit Korea Year 2023-2024 x Starbucks Korea Eco-friendly Campaign

        • 03/18/2024

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    Free Eco-friendly Strbucks Tumbler


    Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Starbucks Korea (hereafter Starbucks) joined hands last November to promote the VISIT KOREA YEAR 2023-2024 through an on-going eco-friendly campaign.                 

    The main event of the campaign is being held at 10 unique Starbucks locations throughout Korea. Visitors to these select branches can participate in the event by uploading a photo of their Starbucks drink in their personal tumbler or an in-store Starbucks cup to their personal social media. Participants receive a specially made Starbucks tumbler with a design of the VISIT KOREA YEAR 2023-2024 logo and characters.                 

    In addition to the main event, over 1,800 Starbucks locations nationwide have VISIT KOREA YEAR 2023-2024 promotional materials for visitors to fall more in love with Korea’s charms. For more information and details regarding participating locations, refer to the official Starbucks website.                 

    Campaign video                 

    KTO x Starbucks Eco-friendly Travel Campaign                 

    * How to participate                 
    Step 1. Buy a drink at Starbucks using your personal tumbler or in-store cup (including reusable cups at eco branches)                 
    Step 2. Upload a photo of your drink to your personal social media using the event hashtags


    * Participation gift: Limited-edition event Starbucks tumbler (200 per branch, first-come first-serve)                 

    • Participating branches                  


    Start date




    March 19


    The Bukhansan

    Space with a panoramic view of Bukhansan Mountain

    March 26




    Gyeongdong Market

    Unique retro trip to a theater closed over 60 years ago


    Urban oasis featuring a grand digital art wall

    Chuncheon Gubongsan R

    Reserve store overlooking the outstanding cityscape of Chuncheon

    April 2




    The Yeosu Dolsan DT

    Experience Yeosu’s sea and night in a unique way

    Daegu Jongro Old House

    Enjoy music and coffee in a traditional hanok building

    Jeju Songdang R

    Enjoy Jeju’s nature and stones with Starbucks coffee at this reserve store

    * Event completed: Starbucks Edae R, Starbucks Gyeonggi Yangpyeong DT, Starbucks The Bukhan River R

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