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Korean Medicine

Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk

Customized Care Embodying the Wisdom of Korean Traditional Medicine

Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk offers special care by using the secret methods in Korean medicine based on the concepts of Sasang constitution. You can try traditional therapy tailored to your own body constitution instead of joining the standardized spa program. Get healthy and positive energy by enjoying Korean medicine-themed spas to the fullest.

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You might think about spas and massages when you feel exhausted like soggy cotton, when you have an aching neck and back because of extensive computer or smartphone usage, or when your skin is irritated due to the change of seasons. After a full body massage you can feel restored and much lighter. In ordinary spa centers you have to choose a program yourself. Places that offer professional spa programs with individual physiological assessments are rare. Here's a place that understands the unique differences in people's physicality and offers individual spa programs.

“Yeo Yong Guk,” the name of the facility came from An Jeongbok’s novel, Yeoyonggukjeon (A Manual on Women's Care and Habits) written during the Joseon Dynasty. To your surprise, the title of the novel suggests that “women care for their face just as the king care for his people.” However, it is not so surprising to Koreans who are so interested in skincare and beauty that they even have a term “K-beauty.” It is not easy to have fair skin even if you apply all kinds of skincare products and put on a sheet mask everyday. According to Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk, it is beacuse every person has a different type of body constitution. To achieve your desired effects, you need to find the skincare or massaging products with the right ingredients for your body constitution. As soon as you join a consulting session, you will see why Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk is not just a spa. It tells you in detail what kind of food you must have or avoid and what kind of daily habits you need to enhance your skin barrier depending on your body constitution. It is because it wants you to have the right lifestyle for your body constitution even after getting skincare and returning to your daily routines.

Individually Tailored Massage Techniques and Equipment

In the spa programs, not only the cosmetic products but also the massage types and tools change. For example, if you have a lot of heat in your chest region, a massage that brushes from the heart down is most effective. The method is done to support circulation and fill in what is lacking. Another distinctive thing is that instead of lasers, they use a thin stick called a “hwasa” as a tool. There are three different kinds of “hwasa” depending on the material used, Paekjato, Cheongjato and Ongkito, which are said to have different effects. The tool has a spiky end which is used to poke and massage blood aperture points in the body and face. Its effects include improved circulation and regenerated skin cells.

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A Systematic Spa System Based on Traditional Korean Medicine

Since it is a Korean medicine-themed spa, its interior design also shows off its identity. It uses a calm brown tone in the interior design and decorates the facility with medicinal herbs, ceramics, and the frames of paper sliding doors often found in hanok, reminding you of a Korean medicine clinic. The atmosphere itself is very unique. However, if you look inside, there is more to be surprised at: Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk managed to develop a systematic spa system based on Korean traditional medicine after years of research.

Yeo Yong Guk Korean Spa uses over a hundred natural fermentation plants for optimized skin and body programs. They identify personal physiological types and prepare individual medicine accordingly. They also studied medical plants that have been used in traditional

Korean medicine for a long time and developed traditional Korean medicine cosmetic products to use in spas. Just as you get your own medical prescription at a traditional Korean medical clinic, at Yeo Yong Guk, the cosmetic products and aroma oils that suit the conditions of your body and skin as well as your physical constitution are used for you. They have packs that use medical plants, a top restorative traditional medicine called “gongjindan,” Yeo Yong Care that revives skin cells with traditional medicine, treatments for many people's aging and skin troubles, obesity care and treatments for women before and after childbirth. The facility also offers special care programs for pregnant women with sensitive skin or acne, people suffer from chronic fatigue etc.

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Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk
  • ∨ +82-2-412-0100
  • ∨ 10:00-22:00 on weekdays, 10:00-20:00 on weekends
  • ∨ Reservations required
  • ∨ Face Yeoyongbon (50 min.) KRW 90,000, Body Yeosin (80 min.) KRW 180,000, Yeoyong & Yeosin (120 min.) KRW 250,000
  • ∨ Hong Seong Building, 60, Seokchonhosu-ro 12-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • yeoyongkuk.modoo.at


Special Care for Men

Spas are no longer just for women. Korean Spa Yeo Yong Guk is proud to present spa programs for men as well. Men can receive facial care that can help to find solutions to acne, dull skin, wrinkles, blackheads, and other skin concerns. They can also get body care that involves relieving muscle pain and stress, preventing hair loss and hangover, and combating chronic fatigue.

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