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Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)

  • Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)
  • Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)
  • Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)
  • Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)
  • Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)
  • Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)
  • Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)
  • Sainam Rock (단양 사인암)
  • Address 42, Sainam 2-gil, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
    충청북도 단양군 대강면 사인암2길 42
  • Type Waterfalls/ Valleys/ Mineral Springs
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  • Information
    Sainam Rock, located in Sainam-ri, Daegang-myeon, is one of eight scenic areas in Danyang, and is located in the southeast side of Danyang-gun, along with Sangseonam Rock, Jungseonam Rock, and Haseonam Rock of Seonam Valley.
    The Sainam Rock is a rugged outcropping with an inspiring height of 70 meters, and the deep blue Namjocheon Stream passes in front of it, located in the southern part of Danyang-gun.

    Most visitors to Danyang Eight Scenic Views tend to come to the rock as their first destination due to the good condition of the road. Also, Unseongugok Valley flows in front of Sainam Rock. The rock was picked as the most picturesque place among the Eight Scenic Views. On the cliff, there is a phrase carved by Utak’s own handwriting, as well as old pine trees on a rock floor that is reminiscent of the Haegeumgang River.

    Sainam was named after the great scholar Yeokdong Utak during Goryeo Period. He had taken up a public service to assist a king in a position called sain (사인), and then he retired to his hometown of Danyang, starting out teaching young students. For this story, a governor of Danyang named the rock Sainam to commemorate his achievement during King Seongjong of the Joseon Dynasty.


    Current Status
    Scenic Site No. 47 (Designated on September, 9, 2008)

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