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Daegu Otgol Village (대구 옻골마을 (관광두레 주민사업체))

  • 옻골마을
  • 옻골마을
  • 옻골마을
  • 옻골마을
  • 옻골마을
  • 옻골마을
  • 옻골마을
  • 옻골마을
  • 옻골마을
  • Address 195-5, Otgol-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
    대구광역시 동구 옻골로 195-5 (둔산동)
  • Type Old Houses/ Birth houses/Folk Villages
  • Inquiries • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
    • For more info: +82-53-983-1040
  • Information
    Otgol Village is the clan village of the Gyeongju Choi family that settled in the area during the late Joseon dynasty. The village has preserved the traditions of the Joseon dynasty through the years, offering guests the unique experience of a hanok stay, hanok cafes, and more. The hanok stay program in particular is very popular.

    Current Status
    [Old Walls of Otgol Village, Daegu] National Registered Cultural Heritage No. 266 (Designated on June 19, 2006)
    [Baekburam House, Daegu] National Folklore Cultural Heritage No. 261 (Designated on June 19, 2009)

    Hiking Course
    [Course 1] Otgol Village Momimot Pond - Helipad - Exercise site - Geobukbawi Rock - Daeambong Peak - Three-way junction - Otgoljae Pass - Geomdeokgol Valley - Otgol Village (5.5 km / 3 hr)
    [Course 2] Otgol Village Momimot Pond - Helipad - Exercise site - Geobukbawi Rock - Daeambong Peak - Geobukbawi Rock - Exercise site - Helipad - Otgol Village (4.5 km / 2 hr)
    [Course 3] Otgol Village Momimot Pond - Geobukbawi Rock - Daeambong Peak - Otgoljae Pass - Yoryeongbong Peak - Sodonggol Valley - Sodongji Reservoir - Otgol Village (8.5 km / 4 hr)

    Film Locations
    Variety show "Running Man"
    Drama "Hyde Jekyll Me (2015)"

    Activity Information
    Ink rubbing, tea ceremony, making rice cake, wearing hanbok, etc.

    Age Limit for Activities
    Open to visitors of all ages (preschoolers must be accompanied by a guardian)

    Parking Facilities
    Available (Entrance of Otgol Village)

    Facility Utilization Fees
    [Hanok Stay]
    Gyeonggeuk House - Anchae 200,000 won / Sarangchae 200,000 won / Chunchae 150,000 won
    Geumjeon House 150,000 won

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