• 06/27/2023


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    K-culture Pop-up Store Relay Begins in Busan under the slogan “RIDE THE KOREAN COLOR”   

    The Korea Tourism Organization is celebrating the 2023-2024 Visit Korea Year with a pop-up store relay. The first pop-up store, “RIDE THE KOREAN COLOR,” will open in Busan at Yongdusan Park and Songjeong Station inside Haeundae Blue Line Park.  

    RIDE THE KOREAN COLOR pop-up store is an experiential space where you can encounter the multifaceted culture of Korea reinterpreted in diverse colors. The colors will depict feelings and experiences you can discover while traveling around Korea. For example, the cool shades of blue representing the sky and sea will make one feel at ease, and the comforting shades of green will recreate the ambiance of a serene temple. The store will be decorated with traditionally dyed fabrics to demonstrate the beautiful natural colors found in Korea.  

    The pop-up store is planned to open from June 30 to July 9, 2023, for 10 days. Visitors who present proof of their attendance at the pop-up store can receive discounted admission to Busan X the Sky, one of the Must-visit 100 Tourists Spots of Korea.   

    The second pop-up store is planned for August at The Hyundai Seoul. Refer to the Visit Korea Year official website for more updates and news.   

    Visit Korea Year Pop-up RIDE THE KOREAN COLOR in Busan  
    Venues: Yongdusan Park and Haeundae Blue Line Park Songjeong Station in Busan  
    Event period: June 30 – July 9, 2023  
    Operating hours: Songjeong Station 10:00-18:00 / Yongdusan Park 16:00-21:00  
    Website: www.visitkoreayear.kr
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