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        • 10/05/2023

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    Korea Tourism Organization is offering “Enjoy Korean Food like a Local,” a K-food promotion from October 4 to November 30 in collaboration with Creatrip, a Korea tourism service platform for foreign tourists. 

    During the promotion period, the first 1,500 users to make restaurant reservations or use the delivery service through the Creatrip website or mobile application can get a discount of up to 80% off. Available options include popular delivery foods such as chicken, toast, and tteokbokki, as well as restaurants in traditional markets, Korean BBQ, and even fine dining. A total of 48 restaurants in areas frequented by foreign tourists such as Jongno, Jamsil, and Yongsan are participating in the promotion. Visit the Creatrip event page to see a full list of the restaurants and products.

    There is also a package to enjoy a picnic at the Hangang River, a core way to enjoy K-delivery culture. The package includes delivery from Kyochon Chicken and a 4-hour picnic set rental from Healing Tent at Ttukseom Hangang Park. In addition to the savings the package provides, users can also easily communicate in English, Japanese, or Chinese using Line Messenger. While other delivery options can be sent anywhere, people wishing to use the picnic package should be aware that they must visit Healing Tent in person to pick up their picnic items.

    In connection with the promotion, Korea Tourism Organization plans to release a culinary tour guidebook, “LiKe a LOCAL (K-Food & Gourmet Tour),” in October. The guidebook is aimed at Millennials and Generation Z and will introduce ways to enjoy K-food. The book will be translated into English, Japanese, and Chinese, and available as an e-book on the VISITKOREA website.

    Enjoy Korean Food like a Local
    Products list: https://www.creatrip.com
    Kyochon + Healing Tent package: https://www.creatrip.com/en/spot
    Website: creatrip.com
    LINE: @creatrip
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Customer Service: +82-70-4327-2310

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