• Bukchondaek(북촌댁)

        • 12/16/2021


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    Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

    Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, the Hahoe Folk Village is home to many tiled and thatched houses that have been well preserved as they were in the past. Among others, Bukchondaek is the largest hanok house consisting of sarangchae (meaning men’s quarters), large sarangchae, anchae (women’s quarters), daemunganchae (gate quarters), sadang (shrine), etc., representing the characteristics of a typical noble family house. Since it was built in 1797, the traditional house has retained its original look. Get a firsthand experience of the life of a Korean noble family in the Joseon Dynasty while enjoying the carefully prepared breakfast in sarangchae. The story being told directly by the descendants is a bonus.

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