• Magic Drawing Show Doodle POP

        • 09/14/2023


  • Magic Drawing Show Doodle POP

    Magic Drawing Show Doodle POP

    Non-verbal (Kids/Family)
    Shinhan Play Square Dream Hall
    Age Limit
    Over 24 months
    Running Time
    60 mins


    A magical encounter of hand drawings and screen art that brings doodles to life!
    Doodle POP that stimulate children's imagination!
    A thrilling world of doodles awaits as curious friends Woogi and Boogi invite you in!
    With just a black pen, you can draw anything you want.
    When you draw a circle, it turns into a soccer ball, swoosh! The face comes to life, pop! The egg starts to crackle!
    Suddenly, a small turtle comes out of the egg and steals the hearts of the two friends before running away.
    "Where did it go?" Drawn by the sound of the waves left by the turtle, the two friends embark on an adventure out to sea...
    Amidst their first turbulent sea voyage, will the mischievous duo be able to reunite with the turtle once again?
    Curious friends Woogi and Boogi invite you to a thrilling world of doodles! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the exciting world of doodling!

    Magic Drawing Show Doodle POP Magic Drawing Show Doodle POP

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