• Tenants of Subway Line 2

        • 09/14/2023


  • Tenants of Subway Line 2

    Tenants of Subway Line 2

    Daehak-ro Batanggol Theater
    Age Limit
    Ages 13 and up
    Running Time
    90 mins


    Have you ever imagined people living within the confines of a subway system? There is a highly acclaimed adaptation, based on a webtoon with a remarkable rating of 9.9, which portrays the emotional and challenging conflict between three tenants residing in Line 2 of the subway and a new contract worker who is tasked with evicting them. The play delves into the lives of neighbors, presenting a blend of fantastical elements and real-life situations, ultimately highlighting the reality of the world around us. The play offers a mix of comedy and serious contemplation, addressing various issues prevalent in modern society such as unemployment, interpersonal relationships, and challenges faced by the elderly. It aims to provide empathy and solace to both the younger and older generations alike. With its meticulously crafted set design mirroring an authentic subway, the play creates a vibrant atmosphere that transports the audience as though they are actually riding Line 2. It combines humor, raw emotions, and even elements of romance, leaving no aspect untouched in its quest to deeply resonate with the audience.

    Tenants of Subway Line 2

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